Elizabeth Pipko and Esteem Couture Team Up for New Campaign with Special Meaning

by Tom White

Model, Elizabeth Pipko, stars as the new face of clothing brand, Esteem Couture. In the new campaign released this week, Pipko is seen wearing a range of dresses and beautiful designs from the clothing brand. The brand’s new campaign features their classic dress designs as well as four dresses in a surprise separate collection, called “Esteem X Pipko” on which the duo collaborated for a greater cause.

Pipko tells us that the woman and Jewish owned brand, Esteem Couture, shares a deep connection with the model and influencer. Pipko has long been known for her advocacy for Jewish causes and as someone who could be seen regularly on major platforms in recent months discussing the rise in antisemitism around the world and the reaction of many to the events of October 7th.

She shared her excitement not only to be collaborating with a Jewish-owned brand, but also to be able to do something meaningful through the collaboration.

“Obviously I love the four dresses, but it’s amazing when a piece of clothing can suddenly become so much more to you than just what it looks like.”

The Esteem X Pipko collection and collaboration between the model and brand is another example of the many we see now finding ways to create statements and change through the utilization of fashion. The dresses in the collection are stunning on their own, but they are also meant to send a message.


When asked what their message to the world was with the new collection, their words were clear. They referenced the events of October 7th, as well as the rise in antisemitism which they have personally felt and seen in the time since:

“What has struck most over the last few months has been the response to the assault on women which the world saw on October 7th. Nobody should get to politicize these moments in history and decide what is assault and what isn’t, based on their own biases.”

The duo decided that their new collaboration must mean more than simply beautiful fashion. All items purchased from the Esteem X Pipko collection will have 10% of the purchase cost being donated to support the women affected by the events of October 7th in Israel.

The duo has partnered with non-profit group, Bulletproof Israel, in order to properly direct funds to the women who were affected by the events of October 7th. These donations will be sent to the organization’s separate “Esteem X Pipko” fund.  Bulletproof Israel describes itself as a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating a well-informed and empowered community to support Israel in times of crisis.

Pipko says that the designs in the Esteem X Pipko collection are meant to represent strength, femininity, and grace.

“For me, between the colors chosen, the floral designs, and the feel of each dress when worn, the collection is meant to encourage a pride in Judaism, womanhood, and in the confidence to always stand up for what you believe in.”

Discover the brand and Esteem X Pipko collection now, at esteemcouture.com.

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