This NYC Fashion Show Venue Is Turning Into A Socially-distanced Nightclub Dance Party

by Freya Drohan

The Park Avenue Armory, which has been a show setting for major designers including Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger, has a whole new guise for the month of April. The arts center has announced SOCIAL!; a socially-distant dane club conceived by David Byrne of Talking Heads, set designer Christine Jones, an choreographer Steven Hoggett. The premise? Dance the night away to Byrne’s curated playlist, mixed by DJ Natasha Diggs, while following dictated choreography instructions—all in your own designated space on the dance floor.

Tickets are on sale now for the 55-minute “part performance, part disco” experience, which begins on April 9 and runs through April 22. On Instagram, the venue announced that the intent is to provide people a “communal sense of catharsis through movement and music.” Participants have the option to follow along in sync with the spoken choreography, or do their own thing and dance freely. Talking Heads frontman Byrne will also provide an “instructional” voice over!


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Health and safety is top of mind for the events. According to a post on its website, all audience members are pre-screened for COVID-19 and rapid-tested on site before entering the Drill Hall (participants are advised to arrive 75 minutes before the 7PM start time.) Masks are essential, all spaces on the dance floor are 12-15 feet apart, and there will be no gathering in common areas or on the sidewalk outside permitted.

As a teaser, the venue uploaded a snippet of Byrne’s instructional video to their YouTube channel. Tickets look set to sell fast for this limited-run experience. Grab yours now and we’ll see you from across the dancefloor!

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