Beauty Brite Founder, Stephanie Fatta, Shares the Humble Beginnings of Her Sought-After Brand

by DN News Desk

As people are spending more time indoors, web traffic and social media use has increased exponentially. People are finding new favorite websites or even starting their own. Weblogs, or blogs, are very popular avenues as they are easy to start and allow people to share their expertise on an array of topics. This is what Stephanie Fatta did with Beauty Brite, except it is now one of the most recognized blogs on the web. Like many of its counterparts, Beauty Brite began as a hobby to share interests among like-minded people. Today, the site brands itself as a “little bit of everything” due to the wide array of topics it covers. It was initially launched as a space to share homemade beauty recipes but evolved to a review site of store-bought products.

Launched in 2010, Beauty Brite is selective in the products it features as the site is focused on natural, cruelty-free brands. Now, the site is a centralized hub of family and lifestyle content featuring information on health, wellness, going green, natural/organic living, books, houseplants, and support of social issues. Stephanie is a single mom raising a son with autism. Therefore, autism awareness is a subject near and dear to her heart. She is also a strong supporter of Black Lives Matter. When it comes to blogger styles, Stephanie is considered an enabler. She is personally motivated by causes that she believes in, and this translates directly to the Beauty Brite blog. She was writing reviews for various products long before she established partnerships with their manufacturers. This was driven by her commitment to natural and cruelty-free items, especially beauty products. Today, she has branded herself as a beauty expert and focuses on showcasing companies that meet her approval.

This successful branding has resulted in some of the biggest names in the industry seeking Stephanie’s stamp of approval. Her blog also features independent lines that are well-worth discovering. The writing has a personal touch that makes it very relatable, such as a posting about finding acne relief products that are as effective as they are gentle. This realism is what has made Beauty Brite such a hit. Stephanie has launched two more blogs, Houseplant Addicts and her personal blog, Mamahearted. She is especially proud of the latter as it creates a space for working moms on a budget. Thanks to her active online presence and popularity among her tribe, Stephanie has made Beauty Brite a coveted publicity source. A company should consider itself lucky to make it past the vetting process to be featured on this truly exceptional blog.

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