It Took The Row a Year to Get the Fit of Their New Men’s Suits Just Right

by Aria Darcella
The Row

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen have crafted a world of mystery and excitement for their label, The Row. Since its inception in 2006, the duo have cultivated an incredibly sought-after line of minimalist designs grounded in luxury and quality — and they did it quietly, without any ad campaigns.

Ten years after its debut, the Olsens soft-launched a menswear line, introducing a few basic pieces without much fanfare. Now, after perfecting their craft for two years, the sisters are unveiling a full-fledged collection this October that will be available at their flagship locations and select retailers.

“We spent a year really figuring out the fit of the suit,” Ashley told WSJ. Magazine in a new interview. “Single-breasted, double-breasted, tuxedo,” added Mary-Kate. “It’s funny, because this is more of a risk than putting words on a T-shirt… Who knew that black, gorgeous, perfectly fitted suits would be a risk?”

It’s surprising that a menswear collection has taken this long, given that the brand’s name is derived from London’s Savile Row, which is revered for men’s tailoring. But speed has never been part of the Olsen’s plan. “We never started the company with the intention of it being a fashion brand,” Ashley explained.

“It really was a passion project,” Mary-Kate said. “It’s not like one day we wake up and say, we’re going to grow this business, and we’re going to have a menswear collection.”

Naturally, fans have to wonder what could be next for the label, and it appears from their profile that the answer is selling online via its own website — a big deal for a company that doesn’t list prices. To be clear, The Row is available through other online retailers. The Olsens have even created an exclusive capsule collection with Net-a-Porter in the past. But sales through their website would be a step towards opening the elusive brand to a larger audience, and the sisters are looking at a 2019 launch date… tentatively. “Let’s make it perfect before we offer it,” Mary-Kate mused. But of course.

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