Brian Mazza Launches Apparel Brand

by Eddie Roche

Anybody who follows Brian Mazza on Instagram knows the guy spends a lot of time working out (with the results to show for it) so it’s not a shocker to see the entrepreneur combining his love of fashion and fitness with a new project. Today on Layer8 he’s exclusively launching Mazza Sport, his very own athletic apparel line, which is one way of looking as good as him without actually having to go to the gym! He fills us in on his new venture. 

Why did you decide to start a brand?
Mazza Sport is an athletic apparel brand that represents more than fitness. Mazza Sport is a brand for the everyday person trying to be the best possible version of themselves. I wanted to focus on a really great product at an affordable price that can tie in a very important cause, Beyond Type 1, since my father has diabetes.  (Layer 8 will donate $1 for every social media post that Beyond Type 1 and Layer 8 is featured in, showing a workout using social hashtag #Activ8Mazza.) We need to give back more as humans! When I told my dad that I was partnering with Layer8 & Beyond Type 1, he was very appreciative. My father has been the most influential person in my life for many different reasons, and working closely with him on this project has been a dream come true.

Mazza gets some love from his dad. [Courtesy]

How would you describe the look and fit of the collection?
Everyone knows how I love tight clothes, especially my training gear (Laughs). The line has a mixture of your solid core colors with pops of really fun colors. The line is extremely comfortable and breathable. I want people to look and feel good as much as they can!
Why did you feel it was time to create something like this?
It was extremely important for me to produce an affordable product. I want the middle school, high school, college kid, young professional, and parents to all be able to join the movement. We really worked on making this accessible to every one. It was a deal breaker for us.
How many pieces are in the first collection?
This collection will have 3 different color training crew tops, and 3 different color short sleeve hoodies which are my absolute favorite. We’ll be producing a variety of different Mazza Sport looks throughout the year.
What else are you up to these days?
My son just turned one! Being a father and husband are by far my biggest accomplishments to date. There is nothing better watching my wife and son interact everyday, it makes me the happiest person alive. Family is hands down the most important goal for myself, so that’s why I must stay at the top of my game 24/7 so they are always good. Our Ainsworth brand is expanding nationally, and we will be opening our 8th location come October in Nashville. Have you tried our 24k Gold Wings yet?
You’ve made fitness an essential part of your life in recent years. What’s your motto?
My motto is simple, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” That touches all areas of anyone life dealing with something they aren’t to happy about.  Follow my Instagram and you will see how I operate as a 360 person. I’m obsessed with improvement, and I love being able motivate and inspire people as much as I can.
Photos Courtesy of @layer8”

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