The Cinema Society Premieres Anne Hathaway’s ‘Song One’

by Zachary Weiss

Last night, The Cinema Society and Tod’s hosted a screening of The Film Arcade & Cinedigm’s Song One. The indie film, starring Anne Hathaway, takes viewers on an emotional ride of a young woman coping with her brother’s coma through song.

Hathaway arrived in a winter white IPO pantsuit, and gushed to The Daily about first-time director Kate Barker-Froyland. “What drew me to it was the strength of the writing,” the blockbuster actress told us, “I love Kate’s voice. I think it’s really new, and really different. I think it’s very quiet and sincere, but very powerful.” Hathaway’s co-star, Ben Rosenfield, felt the same. “I was actually shooting the fourth season [of Boardwalk Empire] and [Song One] at the same time, and it was really fun,” Rosenfield told The Daily. “Boardwalk is really dark, heavy stuff. Song One is still a melancholy film, but we were playing music so it had a much lighter feel on set. It was nice to bop back and forth between the two.”

The movie also stars English crooner Johnny Flynn, who lent his musical talents to the film with a Bowery Ballroom performance and later, singing alongside Hathaway in her brother’s hospital room in the film. “We basically did most of the gigs in one sitting,” Flynn told us. “We redressed one stage as lots of different venues, but we only had The Bowery Ballroom for one day, a crowd of extras for the day, and four cameras for one day. That was a fun day, though, because we were hanging out with everyone in the crowd between takes just trying to keep them entertained. It was quite  daunting!” His thoughts on Hathaway’s singing chops? “She’s a phenomenal musician; a real natural.”

Following the film screening at Landmark Sunshine Cinema, Hathaway ditched her heels for a pair of white and green Adidas and moved on to Omar’s La Ranita in the West Village, where guests enjoyed Omar’s signature burgers and Grey Goose cocktails. Nestled in a corner banquette, we caught up with Lanvin’s latest campaign star, Pat Cleveland. “I’m just so excited about it! My daughter and I had such a good time shooting it in London. It’s so wonderful to be able to do things together,” Cleveland said. “You know, it’s a generational thing, and I think everyone is a bit of a bonzai, or maybe an oak, or a mustard tree.” Whatever you say, Ms. Cleveland!

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