Test Your “Making the Cut” Knowledge

by The Daily Front Row

How closely are you watching Making the Cut? Every week we’re going to be testing your knowledge of the hit Amazon Prime fashion competition series. This week we’re quizzing you with some questions about the last two episodes. Good luck! 

What museum was the fashion show held at in episode 7?

Correct! Wrong!

Edo-Tokyo Museum

Heidi referred to her Virtual Activity outfit as...

Correct! Wrong!

"Very Jetsons!"

What was the name of the teahouse Heidi and Tim took the designers to in Episode 8?

Correct! Wrong!

Ryotei Teahouse

What words were on Esther's winning look?

Correct! Wrong!

Top Three

What was Sander's makeup for the models based on?

Correct! Wrong!

The Rising Sun

Test Your "Making the Cut" Knowledge
Sorry, but you're not making the cut.

Naomi's face really just says it all.
You're making the cut, but just barely.

Tim know you can do better.
Congratulations, you made the cut!

How do you know so much? Heidi, is that you?

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