Teen Beat! With Colton Haynes

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One staple during NYFW is seeing teen idol Colton Haynes, who now seems to turn up every season without fail to sit for a few shows. This season we spotted him at Dennis Basso (where, gasp, he basically went unnoticed before the show) and Ovadia & Sons. The Arrow and Teen Wolf star is always up for a chat, so we went on the record at Basso to get the deets on his massive Instagram following and a memorable fan encounter. See you in February, Colton!
We follow you on Instagram!
I love when people say that because they get a little sense of how freaking weird I am.
You’re very weird!
Thank you!
You’ll post a photo and one minute later 50,000 teenage girls like it. Do you read the comments?
I don’t, but I hear about them from my family, because most of them are about either violent sexual comments about me or people calling me their dad. They say I make dad jokes.
You have 1.6 million followers!
It’s mostly young girls.
And us…
I’m such a loser. I’m from Kansas so wearing suits and doing this stuff doesn’t happen back there. Thank you for thinking I’m cool.
You’re very welcome! So, what’s been a memorable fan moment?
People scare me a lot. They jump out of nowhere and start screaming. It’s very sweet, but once I threw my coffee at a girl, because she scared the sh*t out of me. I ended up buying her a coffee. Luckily it was an iced coffee.
Colton Haynes
Eddie Roche

Eddie Roche is the Deputy Editor of The Daily Front Row/Daily Summer/Daily Hollywood

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