Teen Beat! With Colton Haynes

by Eddie Roche
Colton Haynes
One staple during NYFW is seeing teen idol Colton Haynes, who now seems to turn up every season without fail to sit for a few shows. This season we spotted him at Dennis Basso (where, gasp, he basically went unnoticed before the show) and Ovadia & Sons. The Arrow and Teen Wolf star is always up for a chat, so we went on the record at Basso to get the deets on his massive Instagram following and a memorable fan encounter. See you in February, Colton!
We follow you on Instagram!
I love when people say that because they get a little sense of how freaking weird I am.
You’re very weird!
Thank you!
You’ll post a photo and one minute later 50,000 teenage girls like it. Do you read the comments?
I don’t, but I hear about them from my family, because most of them are about either violent sexual comments about me or people calling me their dad. They say I make dad jokes.
You have 1.6 million followers!
It’s mostly young girls.
And us…
I’m such a loser. I’m from Kansas so wearing suits and doing this stuff doesn’t happen back there. Thank you for thinking I’m cool.
You’re very welcome! So, what’s been a memorable fan moment?
People scare me a lot. They jump out of nowhere and start screaming. It’s very sweet, but once I threw my coffee at a girl, because she scared the sh*t out of me. I ended up buying her a coffee. Luckily it was an iced coffee.
Colton Haynes

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