#TBT: Thierry Mugler’s Rarely-Seen George Michael Vid

by Eddie Roche

By now we’ve all seen George Michael‘s legendary “Too Funky” video from back in the day, but today we’re #TBT for a lesser-seen version of the original director’s cut by Thierry Mugler. It’s been on the YouTube circuit for a bit, but doesn’t get the views it should. All things Thierry Mugler and George Michael from 1992 should have a lot of eyeballs on them, right?

Some notes: George Michael is nowhere to be seen in the video (unless we are blind, which is possible), the song was part of Red Hot + Dance, which raised money for AIDS awareness, and be sure to look out for cameos from Linda Evangelista, Joey Arias. Plus! The video has its own Wikipedia page. The lewks were all by Mugler himself, which will be rather obvious when you view. The original version of the video still reigns supreme, but this coulda been a part of pop culture history…

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