SUPIMA Host Law Roach On His NYFW Mood, What’s In His (Birkin) Bag, And How He Made That Zendaya Alaïa Moment Happen

by Freya Drohan

Style arbiter, image architect, and all round beloved industry leader Law Roach is in town for NYFW. Despite a hectic schedule, which includes hosting the live SUPIMA contest today, the revered stylist is feeling energized and ready to go. We caught up with Roach bright and early to hear what’s keeping his proverbial batteries charged right now! 

How you are feeling?
I’m always excited for Fashion Week. Especially this one, it feels a bit more normal. I’m here until after The Met Gala.

What did you miss the most?
The chaos!

Does rain ruin your Fashion Week?
Not really! When you do the whole Fashion Month, it’s different climates everywhere. If it rains, it rains! I stayed in the rain all day for Pyer Moss; it doesn’t bother me. I have such a love and a passion for the shows.

You went viral at that Pyer Moss show with your ‘raincoat’ for your Birkin…do you have any other tips for rain-proofing an outfit?
You know, we just have to do the best we can. Living in L.A., I’ve been more relaxed about the weather, but I’m from Chicago so [I’m used to] checking the weather forecast every day when I wake up to be prepared. But in L.A., it’s the same every day!

They freak out when it rains too.
You’re always so surprised, but L.A. really needs the rain!

Have you packed to cover all bases for NYFW?
I’m a bit of an over packer to be honest, there’s a little bit of everything in there.


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Tell us about your involvement with SUPIMA.
I was granted the amazing opportunity to host the competition last year. It was all virtual, but it was really fun. If anyone has followed my career, and Zendaya’s, they’ll know that we’ve always been about finding, nurturing, and elevating new talent. So, hosting a competition for new designers felt really natural for me. I was really excited to do it last year, and when I got the call to come back for the live competition, I was so flattered. I am a bit overwhelmed though; last time it was on screen, but now it’s lights, camera, action! But I’m excited, and happy to use my platform to shed light on new talent. This group is from six of the top schools in the country. It’s great to see and touch the clothes, hear their stories, and their why. The why is always really important to me.

What are you looking for, not only as a judge but as someone who’s always on the forefront of what’s new?
It’s two things. The clothes need to make me feel something; some type of emotion. If I’m excited or I see it for one of my girls. As I mature, I also try to look to work with people who are ready for it. Someone that has a business that can sustain the amount of attention that comes with putting them on one of my clients for a red carpet or an event. You don’t want to put someone who isn’t ready [in that position.] It’s like, you’re in the elevator with Bill Gates—have your pitch ready! We were one of the early supporters of Peter Do. I was just at the show yesterday, and it was spectacular. And it’s also about the business, and the people around him, which I was really proud to see. I had never met him, and he said, ‘You’re one of the first people to work with us!’

How else do you keep up with what’s new in the industry?
I’m literally obsessed with my job! Social media has made the world so small. If you fall down a rabbit hole, you can find all types of beautiful clothes. I’ve never been a stylist who only uses the big brands and legacy houses. I’ve always gravitated towards smaller, independent, and emerging brands.


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Who are you interested in right now?
I’m never prepared for that question! There’s a lot. I kinda keep that to myself, because other stylists will read this! If they get it on the girl before I do, well…! So I try to wait. There’s a lot of talent in Australia—really, really cool young designers. I had some big moments with Christopher Esber. I think the Australians like to play in the world of the minimal; it reminds me of Old Calvin and early ’90s Prada.

How does it work, do you DM them?
My favorite thing is when I go to the page and they’re already following me, so I know my DM is always going to be seen! I say, ‘I love your work, I love your clothes. I’d love to pull something for some of my girls.’

I’d love to see their faces when that DM comes through!
That’s what happened with Peter Do. I DM’d the page and was like, ‘Who handles your sample requests!?’

Who else are your ones to watch this NYFW? What shows are you excited for?
To be 1,000% honest, Peter Do was the one I was most excited about. I dressed Zendaya [in Peter Do] early on, and I wanted to see the clothes. Also Theophilio and Kenneth [Nicholson]. They’re at our table at The Met!

I was just writing up the Bvlgari party and saw you were there last night too! Do you sacrifice sleep during NYFW?
I was! I don’t sleep. I’m part of a lot of fashion families, but the Bvlgari family is super special to me because I do the campaigns with Zendaya. She just wore a 93-carat emerald necklace to the Dune premiere, which was so incredible.


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How do you stay on the buzz and energized for the week?
To be honest, I’m just like a kid! Although we’ve been back to normal a little bit, we really have been cooped up for two years so I’m happy to see my fashion friends, put on the clothes, and just celebrate this industry and the vibrancy of it and the way that we were able to pivot. It feels good to bump into people, say hi, and have a hug! That’s what’s really energizing.

Do you drink a lot of coffee? 
I don’t drink it at all! I don’t even drink a lot of tea, it’s just pure adrenaline.

How do you decompress?
People always ask that. I just love the work! If I don’t do it, I’m not as happy. The work makes me happy so I’ll just keep doing it until I can’t do it anymore or I just don’t want to. Everything still feels as exciting as it did the first time.

I wanted to ask you about securing Zendaya’s Alaïa look, how did you make that happen? She’s the first to wear something from the new era, right?
She’s the first! That’s a funny story. I’m not biased, but I mean, who else could have worn it?! I sent the request when the show was happening live. Literally, I did a screen grab and put my request in. It was trending on Twitter pretty quick with everyone saying that nobody else could wear it.


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You work with so many incredible talents. I’m sure a lot of young stylists are wondering, what’s the recipe for building and maintaining a great relationship?
I think the most important thing is you have to care. You have to love it. I love it! That’s what it is. You have to nurture the relationships and it has to be important to you.

What’s in your bag right now? Are you carrying the famous rainy day Birkin!? 
Ha, I wont carry it today because I know it’s raining! There’s some moisturizer in there. I’m really into Killian’s travel fragrances. They’re decorative and cool, the bottle almost looks like a lipstick tube, so I always have one of those. And my vax card!

The accessory of the season.
Right! And a phone charger. You know, normal stuff. Oh and double stick tape, and a couple of safety pins…just in case!

In one word, what’s your NYFW mood right now?

[Editor’s note: You can watch the SUPIMA contest live online and on Instagram today at 11.15AM EST.]

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