How Stefan Beckman Created His Epic Coach Set

by Eddie Roche

Set designer Stefan Beckman has worked with brands such as Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, and Escada creating some of the most memorable runway productions ever with yesterday’s Coach show at Pier 94 another sight for the eyes. After the show we grabbed Beckman to get the story on how they built this dyno-mite piece of art. 

The set is like an art installation. What is it exactly?
It’s a giant brontosaurus made of salvaged pieces that we’ve found. We wanted to something strange and interesting to go with the collection. It felt otherworldy. We collected pieces from all over the country, there’s bits of cars. It was such a creative process.

How long did it take?
We’ve been working on it all summer. We were scouring and going to salvage yards and metal shops looking for stuff.

Coach (firstVIEW)

Did you build it in pieces?
We built a skeleton so it’s structurally sound. We built it in a shop in Long Island City and sent it over here where we assembled it.

What’s going to happen to it after the show?
Parts of it are being saved and a lot of of it is being recycled. I’d love to take it to a park or a field. It was super fun putting together. It was fun finding a bunch of stuff to see what works and what didn’t with all the pieces.

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