Major Artists Reimagine The “I Voted” Sticker For Special Collector’s Edition Of New York Magazine

by Freya Drohan

Next week’s issue of New York Magazine will see 48 artists putting their own spin on the “I Voted” sticker. As millions of American citizens are voting by mail this year, they won’t get the symbolic sticker on Election Day—but the publication is ensuring that people can still share their commitment to their civic duty loud and clear.

Artists including Shepard Fairey, KAWS, Amy Sherald, Barbara Kruger, Lorna Simpson, Baron Von Fancy, and Marilyn Minter were tasked with re-creating the sticker. Many of whom added a statement about why this project spoke volumes to them, such as New Jersey-native KAWS (aka Bryan Donnelly) who said: “2020 has been full of tragedy and loss. We need to push for change and hold onto hope especially when the system works against us. Vote.”

The project, which will become available on newsstands on October 26, will be divided into four covers. Each cover will show an image of 12 stickers, with a corresponding sheet of usable stickers inside.

As part of the initiative, which was conducted in collaboration with the nonpartisan voting organization, some 500,000 stickers will also be available for free at selected book stores, museums, and retailers across the U.S. (Retailers include Crate and Barrel, CB2, Warby Parker, and EHE Health who are supporting the project’s printing costs.)

The magazine is available for pre-order now. Two of the four versions are already sold out, so don’t delay!

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