Sia Reveals Recent Regret To Interview

by Eddie Roche


Sia covers the April issue of Interview and continues her decision to not show her face in a shot by Gregory Harris. Inside, Kristen Wiig interviews the singer who stands by her decision to keep a low profile, albeit with one recent regret. ‘You know, I made a mistake,” Sia says. “I went to parties on Oscar night and I didn’t hide my face. And then I realized that it’s work. What was I thinking? I could have dinner with these people at their houses, but anywhere you go now where there’s a camera, it’s actually work. I was excited because I got invited to these big, fancy parties. And then you realize, ‘If I’m going to go, I’m going to need to get a tan. I’m going to need to have my roots done. I’m going to have extensions, probably. I’m going to get a stylist for sure. I’m going to have to work out five times that week with Jennifer Aniston‘s trainer.’ This is commerce and I’m $5,000 in the hole just to go to a party. So it was a great learning experience.” Isn’t she just the life of the party?

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