Alessandro Michele Doesn’t Care If Tomorrow Is His Last Day at Gucci

by Aria Darcella
Alessandro Michele

Is Alessandro Michele the most down-to-Earth designer in the game? It is entirely possible. The Gucci designer known for maximalism comes off as surprisingly grounded in the latest issue of Interview magazine. His thoughts on “newness” and copying in fashion is nuanced (he’s totally a fan of Diet Prada), and despite his popularity, he hasn’t let fame go to his head.

“I mean, come on. I’m not god,” he says. “You could think that I’m the coolest and most attractive fashion designer, but I’m not unique. I’m only unique because I’m me. Just like you are only unique because you’re you. I’m not a diva.”

But one declaration that stood out was that Michele doesn’t want to be thought of as “just” a fashion designer.


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“I feel like I’m always fighting with a lot of Alessandros inside me,” he began. “These crazy conversations help me feel alive, which is important, otherwise I’d just be a fashion designer. That would be like putting myself in a tomb. It would be like saying I am just the boyfriend of someone else…that’s it. I’ve been with my boyfriend from almost 11 years, and people keep saying, “You need to get married to him.” I’m always thinking, “But why? I want to feel free to break up tomorrow.” It’s also the way I feel about working for Gucci. I don’t care if tomorrow will be the last day, and that’s freeing. Otherwise I’d just be working to keep the position, which inevitably is not sincere.”

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