Shanina Shaik on the One Part of Her Life You’ll Never See on TV

by Aria Darcella

The cast of E!’s Model Squad had a busy fashion week, but even so, The Daily found time to catch a moment with the show’s star, Shanina Shaik. 

You’ve been doing a lot of press for Model Squad! Has it been going well so far?
It’s been going really well! It’s been busy, but it’s been fun.

You got married a few months ago, congratulations! How was your first summer as a married woman?
It’s been fun! I went on vacation recently for three weeks and went around Europe and it was the best summer holiday. It’s was really nice to travel with my husband because it’s rare that we’re together for such a long period of time.

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Man Crush 🤵🏾😍 #MCM

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Where did you guys go?
We pretty much traveled all over. Ibiza — I was there with my dear friends, and I went to some new places there. One of the places that I liked was a boutique hotel on a farm. Their [restaurant] menu is farm-to-table, so it was really delicious and fresh. And the weather was beautiful! I also went to Switzerland for the first time.

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When you match your background 🌿🦋

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Do you miss the wedding planning process?
Not so much. I was really brave with my wedding. I tried to organize it all myself. I did have a wedding planner that was in the Bahamas taking care of me. But a lot of the organization of our guests, and planning how are they were going to get there and figuring out details — I did that all myself.  My advice is to get a wedding planner, just to make the process a lot easier.

Devon Windsor recently got engaged, is that the advice you’ve been giving to her?
Yes I did, and I told her if she needs any help, “I’m your girl, don’t worry!” I’ll be happy to help her because I’m not really stressed out. But everything seems quite easy until the last two or three months and then it starts getting really stressful. I would be happy to lend a helping hand if she ever needs it!

Have you been watching any reality TV lately?
Keeping Up With the Kardashians is always my favorite. I watch Total Bellas on E! And then on Netflix I’m watching Orange is the New Black — that’s my binge watch.

Did you have any reservations about appearing on TV yourself in Model Squad?
Not at all. There were probably times where I thought, “This is going be an invasion of privacy, and I’m going to have a microscope over my life.” I do bring my personality in [to my social media accounts]. I let everyone in to know what I do for my life. Having a TV show, it’s going to be even more detailed now. But I was excited for the project as well because of what it stands for and I want people to see the real me, what I do in my life, how hard I work to keep my job, and to show my dreams, goals, and what I want to achieve, as well as what the industry is about. I think it’s really important for people to see that there’s more to the world of like modeling than it being so glamorous.

What was it like being following around with cameras all day?
It wasn’t every day! A “pro” of having nine girls on the show is that it’s not always just me. It will chop and change, and they work around our schedule, but they were at my job and it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t have a fear of what was gonna be seen. With modeling, there’s always a camera in front of me, so I feel a little bit of comfort. And I feel like with my iPhone, there’s a camera around me all the time so I was quite relaxed with the idea of it. It wasn’t too much for me.

I noticed that Nadine was one of your bridesmaids, are there any other girls on the show that you’re really close with?
I invited Devon [Windsor] and Hannah to the wedding. I’ve known them for quite a while. Devon couldn’t make it because of work requirements. I met Olivia through Devon at the beginning of the show, and I see her more. I like to hang out and talk to her, so we’ve definitely created a bond because of the show. Caroline [Lowe] I knew through another girlfriend of mine, and Ping [Hue] and Ashley I’ve met through events. The modeling industry seems so big, but it’s actually quite small.

What’s one thing about your daily routine that will never end up on television?
Not too much of my relationship. I have lots of people ask me “How do you keep a relationship with your husband?” and “I’m in a relationship where it’s long distance, I don’t know how to do it!” I actually want to be somewhat of an inspiration or a help for any one that’s doing that. But I also think that sometimes, some issues — private issues — are not meant to be on camera. Some things will be best to keep private. But honestly, I’m pretty open with everything.

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Too much PDA for the Tennis ??🎾💋🙈

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