23 Models Tell Us 3 Things They Can’t Wait To Do Again!

by Eddie Roche

With more people getting the COVID vaccine every day, there’s an optimism in the air! We asked some of our favorite models from Shanina Shaik to Sara Sampaio to Maria Borges to tell us three things they can’t wait to do in the new roaring twenties!


Frida Aasen (BFA)

“1. Reuniting with my parents, sister, and brother. I haven’t been able to see them as much as I would like because of the pandemic.
2. Go out and dance with my girlfriends. My friends and I love going out dancing and it’s been way too long! 3. Discovering a new destination. There are so many trips that I had in mind in 2020 that I couldn’t do—one in particular was going to be a cabin by the lakes in Northern Norway that we unfortunately had to postpone. We have something cool to look forward to!”


Nadine Leopold (Hannah Turner-Harts)

“The first thing I want do is a girls’ trip with all my friends, as they are all over the world now. I also can’t wait to go to a concert and just be around people and dance and feel free. Not being able to just go and see my family for the past year has been so tough, so when everything goes back to normal I can’t wait to spend more time with them again!”


Maye Musk (Getty Images)

“1. I have promised 50 countries that I will visit them for book signings of A Woman Makes a Plan. This woman is making a plan.
2. A dinner party by Savour at my new home in NYC with Eddie Roche as a guest.
3. Walk the red carpet for the premiere of the latest Passionflix movie directed by my daughter, Tosca Musk.”


Jon Kortajarena (Rowan Papier)

“I can’t wait to see my grandpas, dance in a club in Ibiza all night long, and go back to the States for a while.”M


Maria Borges (BFA)

“1. Be able to kiss on the chin and hug everyone because it’s a part of my culture. 2  Return to the red carpet. It’s so fun to have a princess day! 3. I’m looking forward to seeing what the new normal looks like – the new way of work, new way of life and all of the possibilities.”


Alina Baikova (Hannah Turner Harts)

“I’m looking forward to getting back to work. It’s been rough to still have expenses without much income. Second is to travel without getting scared to get stuck in some country as the restriction rules are constantly changing. I want to be able to see all the people I love and hug and kiss without being afraid that I might get them in trouble or they might get me in trouble.”


(Getty Images; Shutterstock)

“Being able to go to the cinema, to be able to travel without restrictions, and being able to see my grandma with no worries.”


Grace Mahary (Courtesy)

“1. Go to a Burna Boy concert. 2. Host a wine-tasting evening. 3. Travel to Sub-Saharan Africa.”


Alyssa Riley

“1. I’m so excited and looking forward to international travel when the world goes back to normal! I have been dreaming of roaming the streets of Paris, my favorite city. I also have a few weddings this year that we’re hoping to attend in Italy and Mexico. Can’t wait!
2. I’m dying to go to the NYC ballet. I’m definitely going to take more advantage of the arts when things go back to normal—ballets, Broadway shows, and going to museums.
3. I’m eager to be able to go to sporting events again. I love going to hockey and basketball games at Madison Square Garden!”


“1. Being able to walk around and travel without wearing a mask! I miss breathing fresh air and seeing people’s faces without being covered.
2. Going on vacation on the other side of the world! I was planning to go to Tahiti last summer, but I had to postpone it. I can’t wait to be able to go on vacation, travel the world, and enjoy it freely!
3. Being able to kiss my grandparents! I haven’t been able to hug or kiss them for more than a year now. Because I live far away from home, I only get to see them during summer and Christmas break. Not being able to be with them has been hard. I can’t wait to be with my family again!”


Shanina Shaik (PMC)

“I’m eager to travel! It’s been longer than a year since I last saw my family in Australia. I would love to go to the movies with my boyfriend and friends. I absolutely love going to the theater! It would be amazing to be social again and have a Friday night out with my girlfriends to go dancing and sing karaoke.”


Hanne Gaby Odiele (Getty Images)

“1. I would love to see my family! I haven’t been able to go home since before the pandemic. I can’t wait to see them and hug them! My brother and his girlfriend are expanding the family, so I’m looking forward to going home.
2. Not having to be worried all the time. When going to the grocery store or walking the dog in my neighborhood, I’m constantly worried I might make someone sick. I get tested all the time, but it’s still always in the back of my mind. This new kind of anxiety I’ve been experiencing for a year now, I hope it will go away when this virus leaves.
3. Going to yoga, going dancing, going to a crowded bar, basically just being around people!”


Marjan Jonkman (Ryan Emberley)

“I can’t wait to compete with my horse and start winning prizes. We are a dream team! I’m excited to travel the world and work in another country every day without stressing about papers and COVID tests, like how it used to be. When this is all over, I can’t wait to have a huge celebration in every street in the world. That day should become an international party day!”


Devon Windsor

“There are so many things that I’m excited for when things are open and normal again! Traveling, seeing my friends who I haven’t seen in over a year, and the normalcy of dayto-day life, like going to dinner, the grocery store, and workout classes.”


Jordan Stenmark and Zac Stenmark (Patrick McMullan)

“There are many things we would love to do when the world gets back to the new normal, but the first thing that comes to mind is go to a concert. We’re missing live music and seeing some of our friends perform. I’d love to see Shawn Mendes play again. He’s a great friend of ours. It brings great joy to see someone in their element doing their thing. We’re also looking forward to traveling back overseas to New York City. We’re missing our friends over there and can’t believe it’s been a year since we’ve seen them. We’d love to plan a party to celebrate the launch of Dreamers, our new sleep health company. Check us out at @_dreamers! Everyone could party hard and then get a great night’s sleep.”


Charlie Knepper

Charlie Knepper (Greg Swales)

“I don’t drink, so I haven’t been a big ‘goer outer’ in recent years. With everything slowly opening up, I feel like I’m coming back to life and will start going out again. I recently signed with IMG Models Worldwide, so I’m excited to travel overseas, meet my new agents in person, and work across the pond.”


RJ King (BFA)

“I’m so excited to do all the things that [my boyfriend] Charlie [Knepper] and I haven’t had the chance to do yet together. We met after the world shut down, so a few things I’m excited to do are:
1. Go dancing at a concert or club together for the first time.
2. Walk the red carpet at a fancy event together for the first time.
3. Travel to a foreign country together for the first time.”


Lais Ribeiro (Patrick McMuallan)

“When things are back to normal, I want to spend more time with my family, travel, and go out dancing. I miss dancing the most!”


“The first thing I’m going to do when things get back to normal is go to AIRE Ancient Baths for a steam and sauna session. I can feel it already! I also want to take a vacation with my mom since I’ve finally convinced her to get a passport. Then I’d like to go to a Brooklyn Nets basketball game to see Kevin Durant and James Harden play for a championship.”


Isabeli Fontana, Model

“I can’t wait to go to concerts. I always love to gather with friends and family, and to feel alive. This is the most important thing to me.”


Brooks Nader (Courtesy)

“I can’t wait to go to concerts with my friends once the world goes back to normal! I miss sporting events and concerts at MSG more than anything. I also think once there’s a stronger sense of normalcy I’ll throw a huge party. Maybe even have a performer! Lastly, travel! I’ve missed going to Europe for work, which I never thought I would say. I used to travel all the time pre-pandemic and totally took it for granted. I’ll never do that again!”

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