How’s Your Driving? Shanina Shaik, Lady Bunny, George Wayne, Jessica Wang, and More Tell Us!

by Eddie Roche

You can learn a lot about a person by the way they drive, so we were curious: What kind of driver are you? Chicsters tell all!

Shanina Shaik, model

Shanina Shaik (PMC)

“I just started driving! After living in New York for 10 years I never had to drive. Now, I’m driving around Los Angeles, and I don’t mind it. I like to stick to the rules while I drive. I’m still a little nervous on freeways. I’ll map my location to avoid them.”

Dennis Basso, designer

Dennis Basso (Courtesy)

“I’ve been driving for close to 50 years and I’m still not exactly sure what to do. Just when I thought I was getting good 30 years ago, I hired a driver. When I drive now and then on the weekend, it’s like the first time. Let’s just say it’s not one of my better talents.”

George Wayne, writer

George Wayne, (Courtesy)

“GW has no idea how to drive. I never learned how.”

Larsen Thompson, model/actress

Larsen Thompson (Getty Images)

“I’m a good driver, but I have to play defense in L.A. traffic!”

Sasha Benz, digital creator

Sasha Benz (BFA)

“I drive like a child in bumper cars for the first time. I’m easily distracted but am a bad-ass parker. Anywhere, any side, any size.”

Oli Benz, musician

Oli Benz, (Courtesy)

“I drive like a Tokyo Drift stunt driver.”

Grace Atwood, digital creator

Grace Atwood, (Courtesy)

“I’m a very bad driver. I haven’t had a license in 15 years! I’m very spacey so I tend to hit things. I don’t pay attention to what I’m doing. I once drove the car into a guard rail and sliced the gas tank in half. It’s a miracle we didn’t die. I shouldn’t be on the road!”

Charlotte Bickley, influencer

Charlotte Bickley (Daniel Zuliani)

“I’m a very specific driver. I only drive on back roads. I literally can’t drive on highways. I get freaked out by all the lanes and the merging. I stick to a one-lane situation.”

Christina Caradona, influencer

Christina Caradona, (Courtesy)

“The first thing that comes to mind is reckless, but I’m not. I’m a fun driver. I don’t always know where I’m going, but it’s going to be a ride and we’re going to get there.”

Shoshanna Lonstein- Gruss, designer

Shoshanna Gruss, (courtesy)

“I’m a confident driver. I feel at home behind the wheel. I drive in the city; I drive out East. I love to drive. I was the only girl in my class at Nightingale- Bamford to take driver ed. I wanted my license and got it at 17.”

Jessica Wang, content creator

Jessica Wang, (Courtesy)

“I haven’t driven much since I was pregnant with Hazel. I’m an okay driver, but I’m horrible at parking. When I was in college, the spots were tight. One time I kept bumping into the pole in the front. Someone ran to me and asked if I was drunk. I said, ‘No, why?’ He said, ‘Drunk would’ve been a better explanation. You keep bumping into the pole!’ He ended up parking for me.”

Ning Yuan, founder of NING

Ning Yuan, (Courtesy)

“I’m a cautious but comfortable driver. I love taking long drives to blow off steam and get some time to myself to think and decompress!”

Lady Bunny, NYC drag legend

Lady Bunny (BFA)

“I don’t drive and never even learned how to. If you see me behind a wheel…run! I live in New York City, where public transportation goes everywhere. If I don’t want my enormous wigs to be crushed in a cab, sometimes I take the subway to my gigs and arrive with a flawless coiffure.”

Gavin Casalegno, actor

Gavin Casalegno and Larsen Thompson (Daniel Zuliani)

“I’m a great driver, but open roads can be fast and furious!”


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