12 Trends Making a Splash for Resort 2019

by Charles Manning

Resort is such a strange season. There’s no set schedule, so the shows can happen pretty much any time a designer wants between their fall/winter and spring/summer collections. There’s also no general agreement about exactly what climate these clothes are intended for, so everything from lacy tops to shearling jackets is firmly in play. Whatever! When it comes to trends, let’s all just agree the more the merrier.

1. Polka Dots
Spot on!

2. Little White Suits
Because they’re cute.

3. Khaki

4. Checks
And mates! (Look, I know these subheds are corny AF, but we both know you’re just here for the pictures, so cut me some slack, would you?)

5. Peasant Dresses
Then again, is boho ever not a trend?

6. Double Breasted
Buttons for days. (Wow. That one isn’t even a pun. I wish I could blame hunger and exhaustion, but I slept nine hours last night and I just ate a bowl of veggie chili, three dumplings, an a slice of key lime cheesecake.)

7. Pleats
Yes, please! (I am so sorry about these subheds. Really, not my best work. Just look at the pictures, please. I beg you!)

8. Wide-Leg Pants
Chill. So chill.

9. Double-Wide Belts
Not for the short of waist.

10. Shearling
Teddy bear coats for all!

11. Caftans
Easy breezy.

12. Black and White
And graphic all over. (Yeah… that was maybe the worst subhed of the lot. At least it’s over, though. Hooray for that! Also, these horribly trite captions aside, the clothes are are still pretty gorgeous, so that’s nice.)

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