New Year, New You! All The Major Spring Summer 2022 Trends To Note

by Freya Drohan

For Spring Summer, all things considered, the resounding mood was one of appreciation for the joie of getting dressed up with a capital D. With that in mind, we’re already giddy at the thoughts of what we’ll be wearing in the coming months. Pens and paper at the ready people—your trends lesson for Spring Summer 2022 is in session.

Eighties tailoring

Get ready for the Dynasty revival. When it comes to boardroom-ready blazers, new iterations on retro workwear mainstays like padded shoulders, boxy fits, and nostalgic polka dots are demanding a seat at the table.


Your bicep is about to get boujie. At numerous shows, particularly in Milan, outfits didn’t come complete without intricate and ornate upper arm jewelry. Better try the trend now before we reach peak festival fashion fatigue come summer 2022!

Bra tops

Call it an aversion to any more buttoned-up Zoom tops, but the barely-there upper half is making itself known. A reoccurring staple in an endless amount of shows, designers played with proportion by teaming bustiers, bandeaus, and bikinis with full skirts, flares, or, in the case of Chanel, sporty high-waisted briefs. Pick your fighter!


These delicate insects are symbolic of rebirth, so it was no surprise to see butterflies spread their wings across the Spring Summer ’22 collections. After all, haven’t we all gone through a process of hibernation only to emerge feeling renewed? Regardless, no one can deny their pretty appeal—and we can never say no to a Y2K flashback either.

Feathered friends

Minimalists, look away now! There’s few textural joys that scream ‘fun fashion’ as loudly as feathers do, and what a delight it was to see them shimmying down runways in so many variations. From skirt hems to sleeve trims, there’s a myriad of ways to incorporate plumage into your outfit. Or why not go full high fashion Big Bird in a head-to-toe feathered gown.


There’s no Desperate Housewives or Rosie the Riveter here—instead, the knotted ’40s-style headscarf has a whole new guise. A micro trend that’s been bubbling up each summer on Instagram for a while now has made its way to become the catwalk’s surprising accessory of the season. Although the poodles at LaQuan Smith come a dangerously close second…


Speaking of unexpected outfit additions, we’ve another retro revival on our, ehm, hands. Elbow-length evening gloves might be synonymous with ball gowns, but Maisie Wilen’s cool girls showed how to make them *werk* just as well with fishnets and mini dresses. For a less dramatic lift, consider Anthony Vaccarello’s approach and jazz up your blazer with some bad ass leather driving gloves.

Hip floss

There hasn’t been as much talk about the pelvis since Elvis’ swinging hips sent eyebrows raising in the ’50s. But once again, hip bones are sending pulses racing with the emerging trend for cut-outs below the waistband. Elsewhere, trousers and skirts that come complete with a faux G string attached. Beware: your office’s casual Friday dress code is probably still not ready for this one.


‘3-6-9, damn you fine…’ You all know the rest! Designers did indeed get low, get low for Spring Summer ’22, with no shortage of waistbands slung waaaay beneath the belly button. At no show was this more effective than the widely-talked about Miu Miu outing, where it wasn’t so much about the naughty schoolgirl trope, as channeling a too cool for school vibe with branded underwear bands, cropped sweaters, and daring skirts that could almost classify as belts.


Macramé, fringing, crochet, pipe beads, and even a spot of basket weaving if that’s what floats your boat: your girl is getting crafty! This visual trend is part of a broader movement, with the likes of Gabriela Hearst paving the way for how modern luxury brands can collaborate and support artisans and still produce cult-status pieces for a global audience. The vibe? Your high school art teacher gone rogue on Moda Operandi.

Mojito green

We can’t abide by the name ‘slime green’—so we’re co-opting the phrase ‘mojito green’ instead (admittedly we overheard it in a showroom and it has a more satiating-sounding appeal to it.) Fluoro, neon, and eye-catching variations on bright and luminous green shone in all four fashion capitals and made the hue feel like the standout of the season. It’s cocktail o’clock for sure!

Mini skirt suits

She’s prim, she’s proper, and she’s synchronized to boot. Whether you’re down for a glossy thigh-skimming mod skirt, a tweed set, or a more raunchy slashed leather number, there’s a matching combo to suit every fashion-loving doll’s taste.

Tiger stripes

When Zendaya is already wearing the number before it comes down the catwalk (in the case of the floor-sweeping Valentino tiger coat), you know a trend is about to make it to the mainstream. Go get ’em!

Torso cut-outs

If editors had decided to play an ill-advised drinking game in the front row (hey, stranger things have happened!) and taken a shot every time torso-revealing cut-outs came down the runway…well, let’s just say Diet Prada would have had a field day. Alas, this seductive detailing was a macro trend for the season—and for good reason: it looks hot and flattering on every type of body shape. We approve!

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