Prabal Gurung Fall 2021 Is A Rosy Tribute To The Resilience Of New Yorkers

by Aaron Royce

We love New York—and it’s no secret that Prabal Gurung does too. The designer’s thousands of social media followers can regularly see him working out and walking along the city streets with a spring in his step (and occasionally singing a song!). It’s only natural, then, that Gurung’s Pre-Fall and Fall 2021 collections would revolve around his love for the city and its unique details, like bodega flowers, morning coffee runs, and taxi rides. “After twenty tears, I still find myself enamored with the skyline,” Gurung wrote in his show notes, which he also shared on Instagram.

The collection that premiered on Gurung’s website this afternoon also paid tribute to the resilience, passion, and community of New Yorkers. In a sweet tribute, he even crafted the collection inspired by the hopeful roses seen throughout the city. Case in point: hand-tailored suits, coats, bustiers, and dresses in vibrant tones of fuchsia and scarlet. Blazers were also accented with sculpted flowers, and rosettes and ruffles mimicking delicate petals topped off a range of gowns. There was even a motif of the bodega roses that originally caught Gurung’s attention, splashed across numerous silk and jersey pieces.


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The colors weren’t just representative of florals, though; they symbolize beginnings in Nepalese and Indian culture as well, which Gurung used to portray the united spirit of New Yorkers in the face of the current pandemic. A generous serving of dramatic polka dot dresses and tops in black and white rounded out the collection, accented with glittering pearl and diamond jewelry from TASAKI Atelier (which Gurung also designs, in addition to his namesake brand).

Self-expression was perhaps the most poignant theme of the collection, sparked by the individuals Gurung witnessed and interacted with throughout the city. “I realized that my most powerful act of defiance was being my unapologetic and truest me,” he states in his notes, referencing the connections between strangers during one of the most harrowing times in our country’s history. This was best seen in the show video itself, where models Dara Allen, Annibelis Baez, Jayden Jackson, Liz Kennedy, Ikce-Wicasa Quiles, and Tami Williams posed, spun, danced, and strutted in a way that felt like a pure celebration. Shots were spliced with audio clips of models describing why they love New York, making it even more intimate and joyful. “New York brings me happiness. I’m home, in a sense. It’s like I belong here. It really does,” Jackson shared. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

See the full collection below.

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