Fashionable and Functional Garments for Breast Cancer Recovery

by Thomas Herd

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The words “breast cancer”and “fashion” are not often found in the same sentence. After all, women who are diagnosed just want to make it through this difficult time alive. On top of that, companies in the medical field are not known for making their products fashionable — the purpose is not to look good, but to get the patient to recover and endure this dark moment of her life — so why make the effort to add some style to the equation?

Yet, research clearly indicates that breast cancer patients can struggle significantly with self-image and self-worth during and after treatment. For many, depression is a common treatment side effect. Different looking breasts, a flat chest, missing hair, scars — any one of them can make a woman feel like the reflection in the mirror couldn’t possibly be the same person she’s been used to all this time.

So it’s no surprise that demand has significantly grown for functional breast health products that boost self-esteem and self-image while also accomplishing their expected medical purpose.

Pink Lotus Elements, an e-commerce offspring from women’s health brand Pink Lotus, answered this call to action and has created a sharp turning point in what women perceive to be an effective marketplace for breast cancer awareness and recovery products. Providing a wide range of highly customized solutions for bras, camisoles, robes, beanies and more, alongside a large assortment of women’s health supplements, health devices and other functional breast cancer products, the store’s unprecedented efficacy has recently sparked support by several celebrities and influencers.

Actor Cynthia Kalifeh has been outspoken in her support for the emergence of functional support products that not just do their intended job but also embrace the beauty and femininity of a woman’s body, be it with or without breasts, scars or hair. After witnessing her best friend’s mother being diagnoses with the disease, Cynthia recently explained in an interview with Yahoo! that, “Many women don’t even realize that there are solutions that could dramatically improve what is clearly an unwanted experience for them. I really like that Pink Lotus Elements has created a safe haven with product solutions for every possible situation which are accessible to women all over the world. This improves recovery, but I think almost as important, it curtails stress and anxiety during an already challenging time.”

If you or someone you know ends up with a breast cancer diagnosis, specialty stores like Pink Lotus Elements bring peace of mind with solutions that help empower you not just physically but also give that much-needed self-esteem boost at a moment when everything around you may seem gray and gloomy.

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