Kellie Rastegar Brings Kindness and Compassion to One of Austin’s Leading Investment Firms

by Thomas Herd

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Real estate investment firms don’t often earn labels like “compassionate” and “considerate.” But Austin-based Rastegar Property Company, a wholly owned nine-figure private investment firm — on pace to surpass $1 billion in assets in the coming years — has garnered such a reputation.

The atmosphere around Rastegar Property Company carries an exciting buzz. The office is both relaxed and kinetic, filled with top performers working on high-tempo projects. Company culture places a huge emphasis on personal development, health and wellness — owner Ari Rastegar was featured in GQ for his intensive biohacking regime.

The firm invests heavily in underdeveloped neighborhoods and community programs. Who is the author of this unique company culture? Everyone agrees: Kellie Rastegar, co-founder of Rastegar Property Company and wife of Ari, leads the charge. Her unflagging optimism and buoyancy have shaped a workplace that now powers one of Austin’s leading investment firms. Under her leadership, the company’s culture has evolved to focus on exceptional integrity and family values.

Kellie came from humble and difficult beginnings. Her father passed away when she was just 18 years old, and soon after she left home to work as a flight attendant. Her exceptional success in that field put her in rare company. After catching the attention of Johnny Depp during a flight, she became his personal assistant during the making of “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “The Tourist,” and other wildly successful films.

This incredible success story and her cultural leadership at Rastegar Property Company make Kellie one of the most prominent female executives in the country. Her vision helps propel Rastegar Property Company on its quest to become one of the largest private real estate investment firms in Texas.

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