Michaela Vybohova: Boss Woman

by Thomas Herd

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Written by Alexandra Morris

Defying odds and exceeding expectations are in Michaela Vybohova’s blood. She rushed around the world, busting to be seen at castings to land the photoshoots and runway gigs that would accelerate her career. Ybohova took notes on the designers she worked for and hopped on any hands-on opportunity. At times, she was offered the fast route to fame and fortune but wanted to be self-made. The now 23-year-old has an outstanding modeling resume and her very own luxury shoe line, Michaela V.

Vybohova is a vivacious and resilient young woman. She continues to break the stigma that comes with being a model. She has heard the “she’s just a bikini model, what does she know” remarks most of her life, but that has not stopped her. Vybohova knows she is more than capable of succeeding because, as she said, “I like to think that I am in competition with myself, and my goal is to be better in any way than I was last month.”

After harshly observing the reality of the design world, where ideas are stolen or mocked, Vybohova decided she would operate her company differently. “I stand for teamwork and want everyone to be heard and credited,” Vybohova said. The designer respects all her employees and makes sure no hard work goes unnoticed.

Vybohova has faced discrimination, like many of her employees, which is why her dominantly-female company serves as a message. “I think women have it harder in workplaces in many industries,” the designer said. “I can’t understand why so many women make less than their male colleagues in the same position…as well as why women in high positions are taken less seriously than men.” She surrounds herself with people who understand and implement the feminist movement. Her brand represents women on the go, the daring, and the trying. “For moms that like to dress up on their day to day, to women that are running offices and don’t have time to change between work and their evening plans,” Vybohova said. “We all want to feel great and comfortable and look our best, I don’t think we should be choosing between those things.”

Despite creating Michaela V from the ground up, Vybohova is still struggling to be taken seriously. Unnecessary and degrading Comments like, “so who is really running this company” or when her old manufacturer told her, “I have 20 years on you amore, this is not a modeling photo shoot, but a real business” have driven Vybohova to master her craft as a designer. Her team works diligently to predict and execute trends. They do not take shortcuts, they collaboratively design and assemble quality footwear that is sure to elevate any ensemble. Fashion and function are promised with every Michaela V pair. Vybohova’s mission to destroy stereotypes, empower women, and deliver 110 percent won’t stop. She has beauty and brains.

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