Padded Toilet Seats Make Their Runway Debut at Off-White

by Charles Manning

On September 27, Virgil Abloh debuted his Spring Summer 2019 collection for Off-White in Paris. The show, which took place in an industrial warehouse dressed up to look like an overgrown high-school race track, featured an abundance of Nike collaborations and a handful of Nike-signed track-and-field stars walking the runway alongside supermodels Karlie Kloss, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid.

Jenner and Hadid opened the show in matching white blouses and mini skirts, Jenner with a silver chain choker under her collar and Hadid wearing what would appear to be a padded toilet seat on her neck.

Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner at Off-White Spring Summer 2019 (firstVIEW)

It’s possible that Bella’s unusual neck gear was meant to reference some sort of sports equipment, but even so, there’s no denying the similarity between whatever that is and the squishy thing your granny straps to the toilet seat to help relieve her hemorrhoids.


Only Bella Hadid could make such a thoroughly unsexy medical device look hotter than the surface of the sun. And she does. She really does. That’s not to say that the street style stars of the world should feel intimidated. At least not to the extent that they are scared away from trying this hot new trend on themselves. I think we can all agree that photos of bloggers walking around with padded toilet seats around their necks would make our days just a little bit brighter.

Potty jokes aside, there were quite a few pieces in the show that looked like other things. Like these earrings, which definitely look like something you’d pick up in the hardware aisle of your neighborhood True Value store.

Off-White Spring Summer 2019 (firstVIEW)

Or these pumps, which appear to be a sexy take on a sanitary shoe cover one might find people wearing to visit the ICU.

Off-White Spring Summer 2019 (firstVIEW)

These Nike collaboration sneakers are dope, though. Just saying.

Check out more highlights from Off-White’s Spring Summer 2019 collection below. They’re the sh*t.

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