Opening Ceremony’s Very Theatrical Showing For Spring

by Alexandra Ilyashov
Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony wins in the novelty department this season: a one-act play, 100% Lost Cotton, took the place of a runway, and the star quotient was high (and quirkily cast). Penned by Spike Jonze and Jonah Hill, the roughly 40-minute show took place mainly in a faux OC casting and fitting, starring Elle Fanning as naive first time mod, Dree Hemingway as an obnoxious but insecure It girl, John Cameron Mitchell as a very sassy Humberto Leon, Rashida Jones as Teen Vogue‘s Lisa Love, and a hilarious Catherine Keener as an exceptionally bitchy Carol Lim, and Bobby Cannavale as a creative consultant type (plus Karlie Kloss as herself). Even the location was classic OC-subversive: the Metropolitan Opera, but with the audience seated on risers backstage and the action on stage set against the opulent red velvet seating and chandeliers where opera goers would sit.

But what about the clothes? A heady, heartfelt dose of nostalgia, set in the “innocent, hazy dreams of suburban life,” according to the show notes. Leon and Lim got sentimental about a very specific season and year in the very impressive show notes-cum-playbill: “We spent the summer of 1991…circling cul-de-sacs and breaking into pools. It was a quiet kind of rebellion…” This is the kind of polished rebel we can get behind: sleek, graphic, clean lined shifts and separates in hues of blush, tangier pinks, ceramic and palladium greens, and cerulean, with ample B&W tossed in. There’s truly a story behind every detail with this duo: those hard-lock closures on trapeze tops recall fences that Leon and Lim would hop to break into said pools, while very flattering half-circle swoops on straight, boxy minis mimic those cul-de-sacs. This is a sartorial walk down memory lane we’re totally ready to take. 

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