“One Of The Weirdest Scripts We’ve Ever Written!” What To Expect From Bella Hadid’s Acting Debut

by Freya Drohan

Bella Hadid is going from the runway to the silver screen—albeit not in the type of role you might expect. Speaking to GQ for the mag’s September issue, the 25-year-old supermodel dished, “People probably thought, that my first acting job would be something super sensual and sexy.” Alas, Hadid is about to grace television sets as the “unhinged” and “weirdo” girlfriend of Ramy Youssef’s Ramy Hassan in the upcoming season of Ramy.

“It’s probably one of the weirdest scripts we’ve ever written,” actor Youssef said of Hadid’s role. “And that says a lot.” The endeavor came about back in January, when Youssef emailed Hadid and asked would she be interested in a guest spot. The actor said he had Hadid in mind due to her “deep connection” with her Muslim heritage.

“I was like, this is perfect,” Hadid said. “We hadn’t even met before, but I had a feeling it was gonna be kismet.” She adds that when Youssef asked her to come pray with him during Ramadan, it was “one of the most beautiful moments” of her life.

While Hadid has attracted criticism for her divisive views and statements on Palestine, she maintains that she will continue to use her platform to advocate for the people of the state. “I realized that I’m not on this earth to be a model,” she told the outlet. “I’m so lucky and blessed that I’m in a position where I can speak out the way that I do. And really, the downfall is what? That I lose my job?”


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To read the feature, in which Bella Hadid styled herself, see here.

Ps…Season three of Ramy is scheduled to air on Hulu in November!

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