The Daily Cover Stars Olivia Culpo and Dove Cameron Take on Gossip Girl

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With the recent news that Gossip Girl might be getting a reboot, we thought we’d take a stab and update the iconic TV show with a modern twist. Dove Cameron and Olivia Culpo take on the Serena and Blair roles with IMG Models’ Morten Nielsen and Valentine Rontez rounding out the cast. xoxo

Dove Cameron, Olivia Culpo, Morten Nielsen, Valentine Rontez

 On Dove: JUST DREW faux fur coat and silk slip; DE GRISOGONO earrings; TONI + CHLOË GOUTAL necklace, On Morten:     TOMMY HILFIGER sweater, On Olivia: JUST DREW faux fur coat; TONI + CHLOË GOUTAL ring, On Valentine: ROWING  BLAZERS shirt

Catching up with Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo, (Sophie Elgort)

On Olivia: JUST DREW tweed jacket and mini skirt; LONGCHAMP bra top; LENA ERZIAK Charly Black Nero boots; TONI + CHLOË GOUTAL necklace

Welcome to NYFW! Any plans?
I love going to shows where I can support my friends like [Carly] Cushnie. I always enjoy Jonathan Simkhai, too. It’s nice being able to see my friends and all their hard work really pay off.

Your capsule collection with Express recently launched. How did that come about?
I had worked with Express a few times before, and we had a really organic connection. I’ve always enjoyed creating things that empower the consumer. With Express, the price point is so accessible, and everything that I designed is basically a closet staple that can be worn a million different ways to a bunch of different types of occasions. I wanted something that would make people feel good—I came up with the “GRL PWR” logo that’s on a lot of the looks. I also have the phrase “Stronger than you think” on a T-shirt.

How did it feel to see the final products?
That’s always such a fun experience. I’ve done a few collaborations like this in the past. Seeing your vision come to life is such an interesting process.

You have a lot of cool content on
There’s definitely going to be things there that you won’t necessarily see on my Instagram. I also have a YouTube channel that shows a different side of me. I would say the website is more lifestyle-based, and the YouTube channel is more blog-style.

When I was doing research on you, the No. 1 question about you on Google is…do you know what it is?
I don’t!

Valentine Rontez, Olivia Culpo, (Sophie Elgort)

          On Valentine: BOAST hoodie and pants , 
On Olivia: JUST DREW sequin top; ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER shorts

It’s “How does Olivia Culpo stay in shape?” Do you get sick of that question?
Not at all, because I completely relate to the struggle. I think that everyone wants to find the perfect balance and figure out what works for them. I know that I’ve definitely gone through a process of finding what works for me. I really enjoy working out and exercising. It’s a way that I really unwind and destress. So I work out a lot. I really enjoy running. And I love food. I actually own a restaurant with my family in Rhode Island, and I’ve always been really interesting in cooking. It’s definitely a big part of my family because we’re all cooks. Enjoying a great meal brings people together. I also feel like with food, the more you put into it, the better it is…kind of like the more love you give to it, the better you can cook. I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy eating! I don’t deprive myself of anything, but I don’t overdo anything. I’m really good at [enjoying] things in moderation.

What’s your specialty in the kitchen?
Probably pizza, which is really easy, but you can make it a ton of different ways. I grew up making pizza all the time with my family.

We understand that you and Dove Cameron were neighbors in L.A. What was it like working with her?
It was so nice. I hung out with her a lot of times, so we’ve definitely spent time together in the past and she’s just a really sweet, humble, normal girl that I was so happy to work with. When I found out that we were shooting this together, I could not have thought of a better person to be shooting with.

What’s next for you?
Attending all the Fashion Weeks. I’m going to New York, Paris, and maybe Milan!

A moment with Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron, (Sophie Elgort)

You just came off an off-Broadway run as Cher in the Clueless musical. Tell us more!
Cher is such a delightfully, deceptively complex character, and she’s such a beautiful soul. [Playing her] felt like taking history and bringing it back to life again. To be able to meddle in that world was really such a unique experience.

We hear that Alicia Silverstone, who originated the role in the film, came to see the show. Were you aware that she was in the audience?
Somebody told me, because they didn’t want me to leave the theater right after the show. I thought I was going to be chill, but then I saw her out in the audience. She didn’t look a day older than she was when she starred in the film. She was smiling with her son and a friend, and I just lost it! I got super emotional, which surprised me.

And then, you met her backstage…
I was nervous. She was so kind — she loved the show, and she said she loved my performance. She also said she and her son have been fans of my Disney work, which was mind-numbing.

How fashion-y are you?
I would like to say I am very fashion-y! [Laughs] My parents were jewelry designers in India, so I grew up around showrooms and marble cutleries. I’ve always been interested in fashion, but I’m very simple. I wear minimal jeans with a white T-shirt.

Any favorite designers?
My all-time favorite is Valentino, because it’s so classic, romantic, and girly. I shop a lot at Politix in Los Angeles — I love really strange, unique pieces.

Dove Cameron, (Sophie Elgort)

 JUST DREW silk slip; DE GRISOGONO earrings and ring; TONI + CHLOË GOUTAL necklace. Table styled by BACCARAT,

You have 23 million followers on Instagram!
I feel so genuinely detached from the whole [concept] of followers. I know that we’re all used to it at this point, but our society today is strange. It’s not necessarily bad or good, but it’s strange to be one person with so many eyes [on you]. And some people have so many more than me! I don’t know why they follow me, but I love humans — that’s the whole reason I got into this. It’s wonderful to be exposed to and connected to so many humans.

What’s the rest of your year like?
My film Dumplin’ is out now on Netflix. It has such a great message. I’m headed straight to Los Angeles to work on my music, because I just signed with Sony. I’ve got my first four singles lined up, and now we have to do videos, create an album, and start promoting it, which is so much more work than I would’ve thought. I’m also going to London in the summer to do The Light in the Piazza in the West End with Renée Fleming. It will be my London theatrical debut. I’m playing Clara Johnson, who is like my ultimate ingenue — it’s my favorite role and my favorite show. And then I will be back to promote Descendants 3, the last of my Disney franchise, and we’re going to go on a world tour for that to Tokyo and India and all those places, which will take up a lot of time. It’s going to be a good year!

Lead Image: On Valentine: TOMMY HILFIGER sweater and pants; GOLA sneakers, On Dove: Maje plaid jacket; JUST DREW X LE BOARD Unsupervised mini dress; TONI + CHLOË GOUTAL necklaces, On Olivia: JUST DREW x LE BOARD Unsupervised dress; TONI + CHLOË GOUTAL necklaces, On Morten: DAVID HART jacket, shirt, and pants, Glassware courtesy BACCARAT,
Photography: Sophie Elgort
Styling: Sofia Karvela & Blake Frank, Styling Assistant: Natalie Gilhool
Makeup: Katie Jane Hughes & Daniel Martin
Hair: Edward Tricomi, Dominick Pucciarello, & Mia Santiago
Photographed in the penthouse at The Shephard, 275 West 10th Street / Naftali Group

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