3 Hong Kong Designers Making Their Mark on NYFW

by The Daily Front Row

Fashion Hong Kong is returning to NYFW with a show at Industria on Friday, February 8. This year, the group is showing the work of three designers—Mountain Yam of 112 mountainyam, Yi Chan and Lary Cheung of Heaven Please+, and Annette Chan of Anveglosa. The Daily caught up with the talented group to chat about all things fashion.

1. Mountain Yam, 112 mountainyam

Mountain Yam

What first drew you to fashion?
When I was in high school, I liked to draw clothes and make over authors’ photos in Chinese language books. I didn’t know my purpose or intention, but I enjoyed it. When I grew up, I learned that my uncle was a tailor and found cutting and sewing two-dimensional cloth into three-dimensional clothes was interesting work. Now, I love that my designs are not only transforming someone’s appearance and style, but also embracing their characters with confidence.

112 mountainyam

Tell us a little more about your career.
I have a master’s degree in fashion design from Institute of Textiles & Clothing, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I started my own company, MY Fashion International Limited, in 2015. Now I have two labels, a couture made-to-order line, MYam Atelier, and a ready-to-wear line, 112 mountainyam.

What’s the concept behind your ready-to-wear brand?
112 mountainyam appreciates hardworking urban women and aims to create self-confidence for independent women with a stylish fashion collection. The brand uses Pantone color 112 to express a pursuit of vitality and the freedom and courage to explore the attitude of life.

112 mountainyam

What advice would you give to fashion students about getting into the industry?
Fashion is not just about being pretty; it is a business. Be prepared to work hard in this industry and stay creative!

Are you on social media?
Yes! Follow me on Instagram at @112mountainyam.

2. Yi Chan and Lary Cheung, Heaven Please+

Larry Cheung and Yi Chan

Why did you decide to get into design?
We started our own label because we couldn’t find any designs that felt unique to us. Also, we wanted to share our beliefs and stories through our collection to connect people with the same vision.

What are your goals as designers?
We are devoted to applying our experiences outside the fashion industry — including art, music, and literature — into our design concepts and sketches; attempting to empower fashion with insightful and perceptual values. By applying different design variations, cuttings, and the craftsmanship on each of our pieces, we bring individuality to simple clothing.

What were you inspired by this season?
The Armada Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, and the 1998 Air album Moon Safari. The collection blends the Golden Age and the Space Age, exploring timelessness and eternity.

What are some tips for staying fresh in this industry?
It is necessary to absorb new ideas for creation, whether from music, film, architecture, art…from any field possible. Most importantly, be modest and stay humble. The fashion industry is a dazzling world full of uncertainties. Opportunity could knock on your door at any time. But no matter how good you think you are, there is always someone out there who is better. You need a grateful heart to go further.

Heaven Please+

What’s your Insta handle?

3. Annette Chan, Anveglosa

Annette Chan

You’ve been working in fashion for 30 years—how did you start your career?
I first started doing private labels. Then, a lot of people liked my designs, and I started thinking about developing my own brand instead of helping other brands to design. I wanted to have a wider audience. Working for other brands often limited my design ideas, so by having my own, I can design pieces that I enjoy.


What does good style mean to you?
I don’t think that there is a common definition of good or bad style. Style is just a reflection of your fashion attitude, experience, personality, and taste. As long as you can showcase these elements through your appearance, you create a good personal style.

What are you presenting for Fall 2019?
The collection is called “Salute to Fashion.” It is inspired by the “good old days” of fashion design, and is also a symbol of our respect toward the tradition and heritage of the fashion industry. It features three main colors: black and white, to represent nostalgic black and white photos, and a green shade that invigorates the collection. The aesthetic and silhouettes nod to the essence of fashion, from the 1920s through the present day.


Where can we follow you?
@anveglosa on Instagram

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