Nicole Miller On Her Resort Collection, Rosé and What’s Ahead!

by Eddie Roche

As we reemerge into the world, Nicole Miller’s optimistic nature was the inspiration for her recent Resort collection. She tells The Daily Summer how our reset on life inspired her and the tried-and-true look that’s making a major comeback!

What did you have in mind when you were creating your Resort collection?
I was just feeling like a breath of fresh air and optimistic about the post-pandemic era. I loved the idea of a vacation that did not require airplane travel. I think everyone likes the idea of being outdoors and not in enclosed spaces after the year we had. What kind of prints and colors did you work with to represent the optimism in the air? Because I was feeling outdoorsy, I did an updated version of camouflage with animals on it. It has a bit of a safari vibe. I wanted to do some florals because I just love springtime when all the flowers start to bloom and I think it gives everyone a lift after the winter months. The collection has a nice contrast of femininity and sportiness. I channeled my inner tomgirl. Did you have any inspiring images or references for this collection? I loved the idea of high-end safaris in Africa, where you’re camping but you get fivestar accommodations.

You shot your campaign at Collective Retreats. For those unfamiliar, can you fill us in on what that is?
Collective Retreats is a luxury campground on Governors Island with a restaurant and bar on the property and air-conditioning and bathrooms in every tent. You’re not exactly roughing it! It still has a great camping vibe, and you can take bike rides around the island. You can get there easily by subway and ferry. What was the day like on set? Part of the team went the first night to bring the clothing and set up. The rest of the team came early the next day. Of course, we picked one of the hottest days of the summer to shoot. We used two models, so the day went quite smoothly. Do you predict a return to women wearing dresses in a big way? We’ve seen a tremendous return to dresses. For Fall, we had shown a lot of pants and now the customers are begging for dresses, so we made them a big part of the Resort collection.


How did you go about your model casting for the lookbook?
We did an extensive casting, but it was important to find girls who worked in that environment. We had done all our looks on Tricia Baptiste, so she was an obvious choice. I loved the idea of one girl in braids, and Liv Solo was the perfect model for that. Also, I love having a redhead in the mix.

Where are some of your favorite places to escape to?
I love Sag Harbor and the Hamptons. It’s a great escape for me on the weekends. My favorite vacations are always St. Barth’s and Aspen.


What have you missed most about travel, and what did you do this summer?
My two vacations this summer were canceled! I was headed to Wyntoon in Northern California, but the air quality had gotten severe due to fires in the area, so that was called off. Then I was going to a wedding in Pakistan, but my return flight was canceled through Dubai and it was too difficult to change. So it looks like my summer will be spent in Sag Harbor!

Your Nicole Miller rosé has been a passion project. Tell us a little about it.
It’s made in Bordeaux. It’s made of cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot grapes. It’s full-bodied but dry, and everyone seems to be very fond of it. It’s delicious.


Where can people find it in the Hamptons?
It’s at Le Bilboquet, Dopo la Spiaggia, and Baron’s Cove in Sag Harbor. You can also buy it at Cavaniola’s Gourmet and McNamara Liquors, and online at

Can you give us any hint on what your Spring collection will look like?
It will be happy and bright!

Are you showing in September at NYFW?
We’re sticking with the digital format but may have a live show in the spring.

What has been your best professional lesson in the past year?
Keep moving forward. There’s always an opportunity, even when things look dismal. We all went through a lot last year and did all we could to get through, and now there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

What have you been doing to relax this summer?
Drinking a lot of rosé, of course! We spent a lot of time out on the water. I’m a big water skier and wake boarder, and I go every week. This year I’m trying to wake surf. You’ll also find us out boating, sailing, and kayaking— whatever we can do to be outside and in the water! I love to go clamming, and I cook and entertain a lot, so my weekends are packed.


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