Allie Rizzo: A Super Mom, Animal Advocate, Influencer And Model

by Thomas Herd

Allie Rizzo makes balancing being a super mom, animal advocate, instagram influencer, and model look super easy. She was born in Canada and raised in Virginia. She moved to NYC just after graduating high school to begin her storied modeling career. From her time in fashion modeling, she was featured in numerous advertisement campaigns for Botkier, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, and Hollister. She has appeared on the runway for Diane Von Furstenberg, Tommy Hilfinger, Cynthia Rowley, and Betsey Johnson. In 2018, she became the face of Colgate. Now, Allie is part of the Wilhelmina family, which houses top models and top talent.  Ever since Allie was a young girl, she always had a strong work ethic, which made it easy for her to transfer her skills from modeling, animal advocacy, to instagram influencing, while being a mother to a toddler. Allie’s instagram page gives a peek into her lifestyle, and she provides transparency with her fan and support base. Her posts give an insight into her life, between her travel, projects, and friendships, speaking volumes on how genuine she is. Ultimately, her authenticity leads people to follow her, which added to her success of amassing over 113k followers.

In addition to her main account, Allie has another Instagram account called Mother Of Dogs, a page devoted to raising awareness around shelter dogs and helping them get rescued. It’s estimated that around 3-4million cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters each year, with most of them being young, healthy and adoptable. The primary goal of Mother of Dogs is to encourage spaying, by discouraging people from buying pets from a pet store. Millions of dogs must die every year because no one will adopt them. The dog-breeding industry includes puppy mills—awful mass-breeding facilities in which dogs are treated like puppy-producing machines and never given any love or attention or even the opportunity to grow. Mother of Dogs aims to provide access to this information, by equipping people with the right tools needed to make prudent decisions about where they rescue dogs. Mother of Dogs firmly believes that supporting an industry that continues a cycle of animal cruelty is harmful and morally incorrect. Their mission statement is to continue to spread the word on rescue dogs until the shelters are empty.

While juggling all of the above, Allie is a full-time mother to a beautiful toddler named Henry. Taking care of Henry is a full-time job, but it is the highlight of most of Allie’s days. She shares regular posts on social media as she navigates motherhood and has transitioned into marketing for companies, including taking on the role of a creative advisor for BABYZENUSA in 2019.  Although Allie Rizzo is a model, the values and behavior she exhibits in her life can be applicable to everyone. Not only does she empower other women, but she also takes the time to empower overlooked pets. To get a closer peek into Allie’s life, visit her instagram.

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