Nicole Miller On Launching Her Activewear Category At The Perfect Time

by The Daily Front Row

You’ll find her everywhere from the ski slopes to spin class, so it makes sense that Nicole Miller’s latest foray is into activewear. She launched the new fitness-oriented category in January, and people are already going wild for pieces like crop tops, bike shorts, and rash guards in the brand’s signature prints. The Daily caught up with the designer to get the lowdown.

Was this new category always in the works?
I was always developing the cashmere line, and the separates have been doing super well. I think maybe it’s because the world has been getting more casual! We got our first casualwear delivery right after the pandemic started, so we were all ready to go, but it was more loungewear than athletic. Then we started doing things that people wanted, like Lycra tops with built-in bras. We’ve already sent a bunch to different girls to try out, like roller skaters and skateboarders.

The prints feel familiar to the brand.
There’s the leopard, evil eye, and Hamsa hand. We did lots of tie-dyes and camo, too. They’re all classics for me. I’ve done them forever, and I’m always trying to reinvent them in some way! This year, we’ll have a planet and spaceship in rhinestones. For the activewear, there’s going to be a delivery every month and a new print every month.


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We see that you and your team are very active on Instagram!
The staff I have now is very athletic. We’ve gone roller skating and ice-skating and are planning to go indoor snow-boarding in New Jersey. Over the years, I’ve done a lot with my team. In the past we went to trapeze school, rock climbing and even went to Universal Studios on a trip. It’s all great team bonding.

We need to come work for you! Everyone knows that you love all types of sports…
Yes, I love skiing, wakeboarding, ice-skating. I’ve done all those things. Back when roller skating was the in thing, in the late ’70s and early ’80s at The Roxy, I’d be there!

Are there any fitness classes you usually like?
I like Flywheel. I was doing that all summer in the parking lot at their East Hampton location. I haven’t felt like going to an indoor gym yet. Everyone swears by Melissa Wood Health, so maybe I’ll try that.

Did you make any other New Year’s resolutions?
I feel like I should maybe do a little more weight lifting.

Did you make any fashion-related ones? Do you miss getting dressed up?
Not really. I haven’t worn a dress to work all year! Last summer in the Hamptons, I would wear a dress if I was going to a restaurant. But it’s stressful getting dressed up for black-tie events, so it’s been a bit of a relief now that I don’t have to go!

Fashion Week is just around the corner. Are you going to do a digital show this year?
For Pre-Fall and Resort, we always do presentations in the showroom, come up with a cool backdrop, and photograph them, so we’re able to adapt to this way of showing. For Spring, we chose the Chateau Marmont as the theme. I’m not into doing a big production this season. We still don’t have our final idea…and we’re shooting in two weeks!

You love to travel. Where is next on your list when it’s safe to do so again?
Interestingly enough, I’ve been invited to a private island off the Bahamas called Kamalame Cay. It sounds like Kamala Harris! I’m going to go with a friend of mine for four nights.

Any other goals for 2021?
It’s a challenge. We’re selling separates, knitwear, and casualwear now, but no dresses. It’s going to come back though, so I have to be ready and make sure I have enough dresses!

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