Montblanc & The Cinema Society Host Screening of Maggie’s Plan

by Paige Reddinger

The Cinema Society and Montblanc hosted the New York screening of Maggie’s Plan last night at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema on New York City’s Lower East Side. Directed, produced, and written by Rebecca Miller, the film explores the complicated relationship dynamics of an academic business development director (Greta Gerwig) and a married New School professor (Ethan Hawke). Maggie, played be Gerwig, is on a mission to have a baby as a single woman, but instead finds herself entangled in an affair with the very married John Harding, whose wife (played by Julianne Moore) is a brilliant and successful tenured professor. After destroying the marriage, Maggie finds herself wrapped up in a marriage with John that is now failing and she sets out on a mission to reunite him with his ex-wife. While that scenario may seem far-fetched, much of the film touches upon real-life situations and relationships, and the heartbreaking comedy behind it all.

Aside from the cast, which also included Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, and Travis Fimmel, the premiere brought out a number of boldfaced names like Daniel Day Lewis and his son Gabriel Kane Day Lewis, Kathleen Hanna and The Beastie Boys’ Adam Horovitz, Paul Dano, Albert Hammond Jr., Gina Gershon, Sandra Brant, and Daniel Benedict. After the screening, guests enjoyed Kim Crawford wines and Mastro Dobel tequila margaritas in honor of Cinco de Mayo in the garden at Ladurée Soho.


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