How Michael Fisher Became One of Hollywood’s Leading Men’s Stylists

by Eddie Roche
Michael Fisher

As the go-to stylist for some of the biggest film and TV stars in the world, Michael Fisher is one of the most in-demand talents around. He tells The Daily how he fell into the world of styling and where he sees men’s fashion going.

How did styling come about for you?
Styling came late for me. I was at a crossroads between pursuing my fine art photography and the current job I was holding as an archivist for Annie Leibovitz. I was looking to make a change and wanted to stay in the creative industry but never had any ambition to be a fashion photographer or a fashion designer. Styling seemed the perfect marriage between the two.

Did you ever dream you’d have this kind of a career?
Honestly, no. I always had daydreams of being a chef.

Who were your fashion influences growing up?
I was the typical suburban teenager in the 1980s, attending a magnet school for the visual and performing arts. I was very alternative, an arty Goth kid. Robert Smith was my fashion inspiration, but under that there were shades of Madonna, Keith Haring, and John Hughes. There was a lot of thrift store fashion and experimentation with hair color. Growing up in Washington, D.C., the only place I wanted to shop was Commander Salamander, and the first place I visited when I moved to NYC was St. Mark’s Place.

Every stylist brings something different to the table. What do you think your unique gift is?
First, I think I’m a natural caretaker of people. Second, I’m highly organized and can make quick decisions. I think I have good instincts, and my color theory from art school really helps.



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Who are you working with these days?
My fall calendar of clients includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Rudd, David Harbour, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Bowen Yang, Ethan Hawke, Hugh Jackman, Oscar Isaac, Michael Shannon, Nick Kroll, and Sebastian Stan.

Which of your clients is the most fashion obsessed, and who just lets you take care of things without a worry?
I don’t think I can say any of my clients are “fashion obsessed.” That sounds like an extreme and really the work we do together isn’t just about “fashion.” They all care and understand the role that fashion plays in their work, and all are interested and involved in the process. They appreciate good design and the art that goes into the clothing. Most of them have worked with me for years and, of course, that level of trust and familiarity helps make the process easy.

What do you see as the future of men’s fashion?
Like in life, appearance dressing has gotten more personal, whether it be for the red carpet, TV, or press. Dress codes have loosened up and that leaves room for style development and expression. In addition to gender-neutral garments and styling, sustainability is starting to play a bigger role in the future of fashion. Finally. Having said that, I believe that being true to yourself in clothing choices and accessories, plus some good tailoring, is forever and timeless.

Do you have a dream client/actor/musician who you’d love to work with?
Some dream clients would be Orville Peck, if he ever takes off the mask, and Bradley Cooper, as his most recent roles are exciting to me. Also, I would love to work with Elliot Page and Mae Martin.

Everyone has people behind their success. Who do you credit with helping you along the way?
My partner, Michael Maccari, is always my sounding board, support, and inspiration, and I wouldn’t be where I am without him. My mom, who takes my complaining and makes me feel less stressed. Thank you! I can’t do my job without the very skilled tailors I work with – Jenny Baroni, Thao Huynh, and Dominique Jernigan from Seventh Bone agency. Of course, my assistants – Amber Simiriglia, Hannah Nesser and Mary Inacio – all of whom have moved on and have their own styling careers. My current assistants Annika Morrison and Brodie Reardon – God bless them, we have a busy year! And finally, The Wall Group and my agents Alexandria George and Caitlin Mazonas.

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