Model Ben Crofchick Makes TV History

by Eddie Roche

Model Ben Crofchick has undoubtedly had an enviable career. He’s worked with Gisele, Kim Kardashian, and Steven Klein, and now he’s making television history as the first male briefcase mod on the revamped Deal or No Deal Island on NBC. The 24-year-old tells The Daily about following in Meghan Markle’s TV footsteps, what he wants to do next, and whether or not he’s intimidated working with industry icons. 

How did the gig on Deal or No Deal Island come about?
It was a random casting email. I was in London at the time shooting for ASOS. I got the email that they were interested in wanting me to audition. I hopped into a little studio that ASOS had and I did a one-take self-tape that was probably about two minutes long. I sent it in and I got feedback that night from the team at NBC. From there, I just did the interview process for the next three days and then a month later, I got the gig.

What will you be doing on the show?
I’m the briefcase model; the banker’s assistant. I’m up there opening the cases, showcasing the amount, from $1 to some big money! I love it. It’s fun!

Have you ever been on a television set before?
I had the chance in 2019 to do a little summer promo for American Horror Story. I got to get a taste, see a camera crew, and the production [side]. It was nothing like reality television—that’s a whole new beast in itself. It was surreal at times. You know you’re a part of something bigger than yourself in that moment.

Were you nervous at times?
I never was. I think it was new for me to have to be live. I’ve never really presented an object or an item or anything [in a live setting]. There was never really nerves, and I can say in 12 episodes, I never had one slip up or mess up. I was pretty happy about that! You do have to kind of memorize the cases to know which ones to go up to.

Ben Crofchick

Ben Crofchick (Courtesy)

What was your reaction when you got cast?
I’ll be honest, once I had the third interview and I was meeting with the team, I could feel the energy of NBC. I told my agent Ricardo Guerrero, ‘I think this is mine.’ I just had this feeling like I was meant to do this. It was an intuition thing. When I got the phone call that I received the position for banker’s assistant, I already felt like I expected it. It was exciting and I knew what was to come and I felt like I was prepared for it.

The show is famous for starting off Meghan Markle’s career. Have people been asking you about her since landing the gig?
I’ve definitely never heard the name Meghan Markle more than I’ve ever heard her name since I got the job on the show! Being a briefcase model/ banker assistant, it’s an iconic role that has been around. Everyone knows the briefcase model! To be the real first male figure to do it, I’m honored. There’s a lot that could come from it and I’m looking forward to that. The NBC team is just so great, so to be a part of it with them is amazing.

Maybe you’ll marry a princess someday. Follow Megan.
I think it’s written history that I have to do that now!

You’re from Florida originally. How did you get discovered?
I was attending Southeastern University at the time, which is a little private college in Florida. I’d be at the mall and people would say, ‘Hey, do you model? You should model, you should look into modeling.’ I had a friend at the time who was kind of piquing my interest as well because he was getting into the modeling world. We started taking social media a little bit more seriously, taking Instagram photos. Sure enough, I got DMd by the agent who I’m currently with right now in Los Angeles. This was back in 2018 and he DMd me and gave me a rundown on the industry. I didn’t really buy it at first. We messed around with the idea for probably about six months. I finally signed with him and he’s like, ‘Ok fly out to LA and stay for two weeks, see how it goes.’ And I never left.

Benjamin Crofchick (Caroline Fiss)

Do you think you’ll stay in LA forever?
Not forever. I love LA  but it’s not my forever city. You know, I do love Florida and I love other parts of California. But LA… man it drains you.

What have been some of your favorite jobs since modeling?
The one that probably stands out the most is a more recent one for me and that’s with Skims when I got to shoot with Kim Kardashian. That was a very surreal moment. That was one of the few moments in my career so far where once the shoot was done, I kind of sat within myself and I was like, ‘Wow, I just experienced this at a high level.’ It was cool to work with Kim; everything she touches is gold. She was an amazing person to work around. She’s so iconic and she’s really nice, too.  I’ve had other little fun things that I’ve done like American Horror Story. It was the first time in front of a camera with lines, so that was a really fun little experience. Every company I work with I enjoy. And I worked with Gisele in Miami.

You’ve had a really good career so far!
I can’t complain for a kid from Florida.

Were you intimidated by Kim?  
I’ll be honest, I don’t get intimidated too often. I’m pretty secure and confident in myself, so I never get starstruck either. It was super calm. I was settled. Steven Klein was the photographer; he’s amazing to work with. When Kim came out with her team and everything, it was super comfortable. We just kind of introduced ourselves to each other, and went straight to work. There was no intimidation or any type of nerves. It was kind of just like another day.

Ben Crofchick

Ben Crofchick and Kim Kardashian for Skims (Steven Klein)

Had you shot with Steven before?
I have shot with him; I think a month previous. It was with Zendaya for a magazine. Zendaya, she’s an icon too. Steven is a great guy.

So you’ve shot with Kim, Gisele, Zendaya…what other icons would you like to work with?
Oh, man, that’s a great question. Honestly, I don’t really ask myself that too much. I kind of just take it as it comes. There’s no one specific person that I can truly say that I’d love to shoot with. I think I’m just happy with what I’ve done and I know more will come, there’s more down the road.

Do you want to take acting more seriously? What are your dreams?
I definitely do, I feel like it’s in me. I adapt to things so quickly that when I booked the American Horror Story role, I didn’t even know it was for an acting position. I showed up thinking it was for modeling and next thing I know, they’re making me scream like I’m by a campfire and a guy pops out of the woods with a knife. I broke right into it and there were tears and I’m screaming. I walked out of that casting thinking, ‘I think I can do this.’ The show just sparked that again for me, being in front of the camera and being natural and comfortable. Acting is something I’m gonna start navigating myself into this year.

Tell me about your style. How would you describe your personal style?
Oh, that’s another good question! It’s something I kind of go back and forth on because I’m so casual and I love all black. You’ll always find me in all black! I’m trying to go into new, different little vibes and colors, but I just always go back to all black. I love the brand Represent. It’s a casual streetwear brand, I’ve been rocking with them for a little bit now. I like Fear of God, that’s the kind of the kind of wavelength of fashion I’m on.

Do you have a girlfriend? Are you single? 
I’m fully single and I wouldn’t say I’m really looking, I’m kind of focusing on myself this year. It’s a self-growth year.

Ben Crofchick

Ben Crofchick (Courtesy)

 Deal or No Deal Island airs on Monday nights on NBC.

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