Mixing It Up With Writer, Editor, and Influencer Igee Okafor

by Eddie Roche
Igee Okafor

These days, it seems like everyone is working a gazillion jobs, pursuing infinite passions, and traveling all over the world. Over the coming days, we will be introducing you to a handful of the East End’s top talents whose success is generated by their magical ability to mix it all up. Meet Igee Okafor!

Various Hustles: “From birth, I knew that I’d be an entertainer in some way — acting, singing, or dancing. After high school, I had a sudden urge to take my talents in creative writing seriously. I started to contribute articles to online fashion media outlets, and entertaining took a backseat; I spent my summers working on social media marketing and management at digital agencies like Socialyte, The 88, and Plus One. I launched my self-titled blog in 2017, and it’s propelled a full-time career in content production, consulting, styling, copywriting, and modeling. I’ve been able to work with some of the world’s top fashion and lifestyle brands. It has all been a dream come true. This year, I co-launched a men’s publication, BOND OFFICIAL.”

How I Mix It Up: “I believe the best thing I can do for myself and my business is to stay as grounded and as humbly open-minded as I can. I love meeting new people and learning about what they do. Doing that has inspired a lot of conversations about things I never thought I would be interested in. I’ve always been uniform and quite uptight about things, and I find I’m allowing myself to say yes nowadays. I have the purpose. I have the goal. Now, I’m actively on the move for contemporary ways and ideas to get the message across in a diverse way.”

Hamptons Obsessions: “I love the Hamptons. A lot of my infatuation with the East End arises from what I watched and conceived growing up. Getting to be constantly immersed as an adult has been nothing short of magnificent. Maybe I still romanticize it a bit too much, but in my heart, I truly do believe it’s one of the most dreamy places on earth. It’s the aura, houses, cars, small communities, and understated nature. It’s everything.”

Travel Philosophy: “You think you know yourself… and then, you travel. I always find I learn new things about myself when I visit a new place.”

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