There’s Something About Minnie! Minnie Mouse on Her Timeless Style Icon Status

by Eddie Roche

An adorable laugh, a love of adventure, a carefree spirit: There are many reasons that Minnie Mouse has become a beloved fashion fixture. She’s even served as a muse for the likes of Lanvin and Katie Grand! As The Daily heads to Hollywood, we check in with the chicest character in the business.

How would you describe your fashion sense?
Well, I love to have fun with what I wear. I might add a touch of something sweet and feminine, or even playful. I guess you could say I go for classic yet contemporary and, of course, I always try to wear everything with confidence.

Who are some of the designers you’ve worked with over the years?
Goodness, I’ve been so lucky! Can you believe that Lanvin, Vivienne Tam, and Christian Siriano have all created dresses just for me?! Why, this January for a special event, Olympia Le-Tan created the most beautiful dress and clutch handbag that I just adore!

What do you love most about fashion?
That’s easy! I get to have fun, be feminine and adventurous, and try new things. Through fashion, I’ve made so many new friends all around the world! Really, what’s not to love?!

What does style mean to you?
Well, I think everyone is born with their own unique style, and that isn’t just celebrated by what we wear, but through our individual personalities. Style can be celebrated in so many ways, which is why I always say, be confident and own what style means to you!

Some people call you a global style icon. What do you think about that?
Oh, I just feel so lucky that I get to express myself through fashion! I try to wear things I love and clothes that I feel good in. My favorites have always been polka dots and bows. And it seems that others around the world like that look, too. Goodness, if I’m considered to be a style icon, well…I’m very flattered.

You’re synonymous with polka dots. What is it about polka dots that you find so appealing?
Why, polka dots are timeless, fun, chic, and girly! It makes me so happy to see that polka dots are a recurring trend and can be interpreted in many different ways.

Thoughts on plaid? Stripes?
Well, I don’t wear them very often, but I love seeing them on others. In my opinion, you can never have too many prints and patterns. It’s all about the confidence and positive attitude you wear them with.

How many hair bows do you own?
Oh, I’m sorry, but a girl has to have some secrets!

What is one of your favorite fashion moments?
Hmm…oh! Back in 2013, I was honored to be featured on the cover of LOVE magazine’s fifth-anniversary issue, alongside Georgia May Jagger and Cara Delevingne. It was so much fun!

What does Mickey think of your interest in fashion?
Oh, Mickey is so sweet! He always loves what I wear. Though sometimes, he does ask why I pack so many shoes when we go on vacation.

Do you ever pick out Mickey’s outfit?
No, he’s already got such a great, classic style…I wouldn’t change a thing. You should see him in a tuxedo. He looks so handsome.

Thoughts on the fashion scene in L.A. these days? The city seems to be having a moment.
Oh, I do like to keep up with the fashion scene in L.A. It’s so exciting! Plus, everything looks so sunny under the bright, blue skies. But so many places around the world have their own unique flair and style. Every city I’ve been to has a special fashion point of view. That’s one of the things that makes travel so fascinating!

How would you describe your closet?
Let’s see…fun, bold, playful, and pretty! I guess you can say I’m just a girl who loves to collect accessories from hats to shoes, and from bangles to bows! Fashion really is my guilty pleasure.

What’s your tip for taking a great photo?
Well, smile, of course. And I always like to make sure my bow is seen. But my favorite photos are when I’m with my friends having fun. Those always come out beautifully!

It seems like you’re always in such a great mood. What’s your philosophy on life?
Oh, I just try to appreciate the wonderful things in my life, whether it’s beautiful flowers, new friends, or a nice day outdoors, but most especially, everyone I love. I find that if I’m kind and look for the good in a person or a moment, it’s always there.

Photography: FirstView and Getty Images

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