Meet the Survivalists: Elettra Wiedemann

by Ashley Baker
Elettra Wiedemann
Elettra Wiedemann

Elettra Wiedemann (Joe Schildhorn/

It’s no small feat to survive and thrive in our beloved but, let’s face it, tumultuous industry. We asked our favorite Front Row-ers how they’ve done it…

Model and blogger

TENURE: 12 years.
WHY I MADE IT: I have no idea. The fact that I provide food, maybe?
FAITHFUL FRIENDS: I’ve known Prabal Gurung, Monique Péan, Thakoon, and Chris Benz since we were itty-bitty babies—I am so proud of everything they have accomplished. I’ve become close to Adam Lippes, who I totally adore.
INAUGURAL SHOW: I can’t remember, but I know it was in Milan and that I felt like I was going to faint from terror when I walked out onto the runway. Luckily, I didn’t.
ALL-TIME HIGH: I loved and appreciated all the support and enthusiasm for my pop-up concept, Goodness, a few years ago—it really meant so much to me.
MODE OF TRANSPORT: Subway and by foot. Uber and taxis are a waste of time, money, and stress.
GO-TO LOOK: Brands usually ask to dress me. Am I revealing a big secret?
FASHION PEEVE: Sample sizes.
BREAKFAST: Hard-boiled eggs with sriracha.
BEVERAGE: I make my own protein shake with vanilla whey protein, collagen, probiotics, coconut water, primrose and flax oil, and vegan coconut yogurt. Also, a lot of water.
Working my ass off on my cook-book and probably crying every night.


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