Chelsea Leyland on Music, Yoga, and Fashion Week

by Sydney Sadick

For Chelsea Leyland, there’s nothing like a good yoga session to kick off New York Fashion Week—especially one she sets the tunes for. The model, DJ, fashionista and “It” Brit dished to us after DJing a V.I.P yoga class at Bandier‘s new Flatiron digs (in celebration of the store’s pop-up immersive wellness experience) to chat all-things music, yoga, and NYFW.

How does it feel to be starting your Fashion Week in a yoga class?
I feel very happy to be starting off differently from how I usually do.

Is this the first yoga class you’ve DJ’d?

Yes! I was really, really excited about it. I’m actually more excited about this than I am about anything else I’m doing this week. I want to work more in this space—it’s a lot more fulfilling to me than working just fashion events. I think this is a way you can really touch people with music. I haven’t had an opportunity to work with music like this before. To be able to work alongside my friend Jordan when she’s teaching a class, you hope you take them on a journey, and that’s quite special.

Are you big into yoga?
I’m a yogi! When I’m in New York I try to take a yoga class every day, but that doesn’t always happen. There are definitely times, like Christmas, when I fall off. I think I skipped three weeks around then. But when I’m home in Brooklyn, I try my best to go. When I was DJing, I really just wanted to get involved and join the class.

Is there a certain vibe on the music front that you’re going for this week?

My brain is so in yoga-appropriate mode that I’ve really been trying to focus on more instrumental world music—contemporary, with an electronic beat. I’ve been using a lot of that music for the shows I’m working on and including that in my sets, and of course for the yoga class as well—earthy sounds in a contemporary way.

What does the rest of your fashion week look like?
I’ll be attending some runway shows as well as DJing a few, like Naeem Khan and Karigam. I’m trying to keep it all as calm and minimal as possible. Then I’m going to London for a few things.

What gets you through this busy time?

A green juice every day. I also carry relaxation oils—different oils for different things. It’s nice when you get a little worked up or stressed out. Sleep, which I definitely haven’t had enough of already, is also crucial. There’s an energy that can become quite intense during fashion week, and I think it’s crucial to remember what’s important and feel “in the moment.”

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