Match Made In Heaven With Paige Novick

by Paige Reddinger

Luxury perfumer Kilian Hennessy and fine jewelry designer Paige Novick have teamed up to create a special collaboration of scented jewelry, By Kilian x Paige Novick, which is already selling out at Bergdorf Goodman. Novick dishes about everything from the bullet-inspired design to their long friendship, which began with a chance encounter the first day of school, in the pages of the Daily Summer

How did this collaboration come together?
Kilian approached me, but it was very organic, because the story really began a few years ago when I designed [Kilian’s wife] Elisabeth’s engagement ring. Technically, this is not our first collaboration. We had always talked about the idea of doing a project together since we’re both like-minded, aesthetically oriented people. The DNA of our brands is in sync.

How did you dream up the designs?
We bounced around various ideas, like S&M, to draw inspiration from, and we agreed that it needed to have a definite edge but still be grounded, classic, and relevant. It was a tall order to take the ancient idea of scented jewelry and redefine it in a modern, luxurious context. I came up with a deconstructed bullet, because we needed to house the ceramic, so I had the idea of building a cage, leaving it open so the scent could diffuse through it. We then made a deconstructed bullet tip, which has either encrusted diamonds or diamond accents. Then I had the idea of injecting a pearl, because it gave it an unexpected edge and also it made it feel very elegant.

Are pearls having a moment?
Yes, and I don’t think they’re going away anytime soon. But they’re not your grandmother’s pearls anymore!

How big is the collection?
There are six styles—a ring, a bracelet, two necklaces, earrings, and then a collar that’s available only by special order.

Where will it be available?
In Kilian’s boutiques and at Bergdorf Goodman. You can scent the pieces with any By Kilian fragrance, and there are tester bottles that come with the jewelry, so you can have any scent refilled.

What’s your favorite scent?
Liaisons Dangereuses. I wear it every single day. I could drink it!

Which other brands have you collaborated with over the years?
I’m now working on my third collaboration with Tibi, and I also made an ear climber that said “fly” with FlyWheel.

How long have you and Kilian been friends?
I met his wife five years ago. The first day our children went to pre-K, Elisabeth and I happened to be standing next to each other. We started talking, and we never stopped. She’s like my sister!

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