The Latest On The Mary-Kate Olsen/Oliver Sarkozy Divorce

by Eddie Roche

Mary-Kate Olsen finally gets some good news in her bumpy divorce proceedings to Oliver Sarkozy. Earlier this month she filed an emergency divorce that was denied by a State Supreme Court judge because it was not considered essential due to the coronavirus.

Page Six reports that as the state of New York opens up, she has officially filed for divorce electronically. Olsen’s contested divorce filing in Manhattan Supreme Court was among over a hundred cases, including lawsuits, filed by early Monday. (Everyone spends Memorial Day differently!)

Olsen signed a summons and complaint on April 17, when “it was clear my marriage was over…the relationship has broken down irretrievably,” according to the court papers, filed in New York’s Supreme Court.

The couple were married in 2015 and began dating in 2012. This is Olsen’s first marriage.

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