Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2016

by The Daily Front Row

Yes, Lady Gaga walked the Marc Jacobs show. Who better to rock some outlandishly tall Victorian goth lace-up boots than a woman who has been making them her signature for years? The show was complete with goth makeup and hair, which has been a theme on some runways this season. But what we haven’t seen on the runways is basically everything in Marc’s collection, mercifully. It was an exercise in proportions, embellishments, and patterns that all felt entirely new.

All kinds of fur were clobbered together in different lengths, doilies adorned enormous sweatshirts, and tweed skirt suits with feather accents were so oversized they looked like big bells. Moto jackets, jean jackets, and capes also came in gigantic proportions. A fluffy “Little Miss Muffet” style dress had various size polka dots with tulle overlay, but it was anything but sweet—black spiders were perched on the shoulders. If Edward Scissorhands had a sister, this would be her. You probably even remember a goth kid traipsing through your high school hallway in a less chic version of these looks with giant black platforms, black eye makeup, black lips, and ironic lunchbox in tow. It was fantastically creepy. Leave it to Marc Jacobs to wait until the very end of NYFW to brighten things up with something so dark. Quelle imagination!


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