Love Italian Fashion? Everything You Need To Know About New Digital Platform EXTRAITASTYLE

by Freya Drohan

Stop what you’re doing! The Italian Trade Agency has launched an exciting new digital platform that brings the ‘bellissimo’ of Italian fashion right to your fingertips like never before.

Milan Fashion Week might have just wrapped, but while we’re all still on a high after witnessing the opulent glamour, make sure you peruse the newly-launched EXTRAITASTYLE website to discover foremost Italian designers in the fashion space.

EXTRAITASTYLE (an acronym for Extraordinary Italian Style) will celebrate the country’s finest brands, most of which are still family-owned, in the type of all-out prestige we have come to expect from the innately-stylish country and its inhabitants. The website is debuting with 80 companies, with more names set to join in the coming months too.


If you thought Instagram was your favorite portal to uncover what’s fabulous in fashion, think again. EXTRAITASTYLE will act like a one-stop-shop for the curated selection of brands to showcase their ‘seasonless’ ready to wear offering, artisanal accessories, or footwear via their own virtual boutiques. Between compelling storytelling, 3D animation, and social media integration; it’s an unrivalled user experience that will have you well versed in what’s hot and happening in ‘il mondo della moda!’

Of course, in the aftermath of the pandemic, with social distancing guidelines and travel restrictions still in place, this opportunity is a major boost for many designers. The digital discovery platform will also seek to help these bright stars grow their businesses in the United States by connecting them with the media, retailers, and consumers.

Antonino Laspina, Italian Trade Commissioner and Executive Director in the USA, said that EXTRAITASTYLE will become a year round platform to support emerging and established designers—while the world hopefully resumes to a traditional showcase calendar.

In the meantime, what are you waiting for? Watch the video below for a sneak peak of what to expect.

Access the website and treat your eyes to a feast of Italian fashion here.

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