Small Brand Spotlight: How a 29-Year-Old Mom of Seven Launched Her Fashion Brand During The Pandemic

by Freya Drohan

We all know New Yorkers are workhorses, but entrepreneur Nia Brown takes things to the next level! After relocating to North Carolina in her teens, the New York-born mom-of-seven has launched one successful venture after another; as well as finding time to do charity work—she was even enlisted to judge Miss Teen USA as a result of her efforts! In September, the 29-year-old launched House of Bloom Fashion; a line of luxe yet affordable ready to wear pieces, all retailing for under $200. She tells The Daily how she gets it all done.

What was the impetus for launching House of Bloom?
To be honest, what compelled the launch of House of Bloom was the pandemic. Sitting at home with too much time on my hands, I began thinking of dreams I had let go of and a fashion label was the biggest one. I decided to go for it and came up with these cool new designs that I felt needed to see the light of day. It was founded on the thought that, even if one had to stay indoors, we don’t have to compromise on style. Since I love to dress up and look nice at all times, I felt that I needed to share some fresh fashion with a classic flare so that everyone else could look and feel beautiful.

Where is the brand based?
House of Bloom is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Nia Brown (courtesy)

When did you know you wanted to create a fashion brand?
My passion for fashion and design began long ago as a child and I knew I wanted to create a fashion brand since I was about 9-years -old. I actually began to start an online fashion boutique as a teen, but I was too focused and driven at the time to keep it going for long, choosing instead to concentrate on my studies first.

How did you manage to go ahead with the launch during this turbulent year?
I managed to launch House of Bloom this year because I felt that it was needed. We have all had our fair share of tragedies and losses as a result of the pandemic, which has upturned everything as we knew it, and I thought that it was important to give people something exciting to hold onto. I kept the mindset of ‘it’s either now or never’ to finally make that leap and pursue my dreams. Creating my clothing brand has given me something positive to focus on and the value I want to bring to every woman out there in order to inspire them to keep moving forward and always turn a negative into a positive.

What’s the design process like?
My design process always starts with me sketching out my ideas. I usually dig from a deep thought of where I would love to be at the moment and then visualize what I would wear and how it would make me feel. As it all starts to take form and shape, I then do my research and look for artistic inspiration from within that highly imaginative space. From there, I come up with color schemes and patterns to fit my idea before embarking on the fun part of the creative process where the product is developed.

What’s your goal for House of Bloom?
The vision behind House of Bloom is to establish a firm position in luxury/chic fashion by keeping our designs refreshing, bold, and new. Seasons come and go and so do trends and preferences. Through this change, we seek to define style and create desire always via timeless creations that can be worn by anyone to any event or setting while maintaining a classy and elegant look. As for what the future has in store for us, our projection is that House of Bloom will eventually become an internationally-recognized brand and a household name.

Why is it important to keep things at an affordable price point?
Keeping my clothing line affordable makes it available for all women with the exclusion of none. I want every woman to fully bloom and thrive wherever she is while looking her best at all times without having to break the bank.

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What’s your next big focus?
My hope is for House of Bloom to make a positive impact in people’s lives by enhancing their inner beauty and emboldening them to pursue their dreams relentlessly and passionately. My next big focus is to start a fashion recycling foundation for the less fortunate women, where at the click of a button online, one can donate their outdated or no longer in use House of Bloom items to be picked up and donated to a local shelter—instead of throwing them away or consigning. I truly believe that you feel better when you are dressed well and all I want is for women across the world to feel great and experience House of Bloom’s quality no matter their financial situation. A nice outfit can be an escape for a person in tough times.

How do you manage to juggle launching and running a business with raising seven kids?
It is quite the balancing act, but I juggle this delicate dynamic by being very disciplined and determined. I also try to include my kids in my business to make it more fun and flexible. You can find my little assistants helping me select fabrics and I like to get their input on designs. Seeing them so excited to be ‘helping mom’ motivates me. I also take it upon myself to prioritize them as much as possible. When I am done with work for the day, I switch off from work mode and focus on my children. This is in line with the schedule I keep in place to ensure that both areas of my life are getting the attention they deserve.

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