Editor’s Pick: Genny Fortune Bag

by Freya Drohan

What: The writing’s on the wall—the fortune cookie-inspired Fortune bag from Italian luxury brand Genny is the new arm candy we’re drooling over.

Who: Creative director Sara Cavazza is catapulting Genny to the spotlight once more, one Sara Sampaio-fronted campaign at a time.  While Genny was launched in 1962 by Arnaldo and Donatella Girombelli, it was Gianni Versace’s appointment as creative director in 1973 that marked a turning point for the brand. Under the late designer’s tenure, Genny became synonymous with sensual, feminine cuts, and a fusion of classic Italian style with a modern global outlook—all these years later, the same still rings true.

Why? Since its unveiling on the runway during the Spring Summer ’23 collection outing, the hemispherical-shaped leather bag cemented itself as a go-with-everything accessory that we’d reach for all season long. Furthermore, like everything the label puts its name to, it’s stamped with a 100% made in Italy guarantee.


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Where: genny.com

How much: $762

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