London Diamonds Raises The Bar For Other Diamond Dealers and Creators

by DN News Desk

No matter how much ever we speak about different brands from different industries across the globe and the kind of success they have achieved over the years by focusing on personalized services, it always feels much more discussions are needed around them for other brands of the world to take inspiration from. Right now, we are living amidst unpredictable times with a tumultuous economy, where consumer behaviour is also not ordinary or predictable. 2020 saw an unprecedented downturn of the diamond markets; however, 2021 is seeing a bounce-back and predicting stronger growth in the coming years, with brands like London Diamonds doing extremely well with its unique and unconventional approach to doing business. They offer the best quality stones with designs that can truly stand out and amaze people in a crowd at affordable prices with offering both natural mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds at their London workshop, handmade with precision.

London Diamond’s pieces are sourced from the same manufacturers and suppliers that supply to major luxury brands worldwide. Their prices are the lowest as they remove the middlemen and the brand name markups. You ask how they work? Well, London Diamonds help people choose the best quality diamond available for their budget from the wholesale market. People can inspect their chosen significant diamond at their secure viewing facility. Their designers produce amazing 3D design animation for their approval, and after the customer approves the same, they start building it. They are a team of 20 experienced specialists creating flawless pieces that keep surfacing on their Instagram page, serving customers from across 20 different countries and dealing with 18,000 wholesale suppliers.

The MD of the brand, James Sanders, highlighted the fact that they wasted a year for building a technical and complex platform, only to realize that people needed a human touch, where they can hold conversations. They initially looked out to build an automated system for finding the best value diamond in the world, using AI, where clients could select their budget and their system would source the best spec diamond from hundreds of thousands of stones. After testing the system, the team realized it to be a mistake where they learned that people needed someone to talk to and needed human touch. They realized that clients wouldn’t complete the checkout process as they wanted to ask things before committing.

This encouraged the brand to work upon having an individualized and personal approach, focusing on providing a human touch. Today, London Diamonds account for nearly 1% of all the engagement rings that are purchased in the UK, such has been their success so far.

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