Inspiring Women: Jewelry Designer Logan Hollowell’s Faith In Fate And The Universe Will Inspire You Right Back

by Freya Drohan

We, too, want to be part of the Logan Hollowell Goddess lifestyle. The eponymous designer behind the celebrity-adored jewelry brand has long preached the power of believing in your own magic, and it’s evident from the popularity of her LA-made pieces which regularly decorate the fingers, wrists, and necklines of Josephine Skriver, Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba, and Jasmine Tookes. Energy and self-belief is central to everything Hollowell does, as is pouring love into her creations which incorporate 14k/18k recycled gold and ethically-sourced gemstones: “Our mission is to create heirlooms that last forever. The idea is to invest in the best possible, because you’re worth it. We encourage women to set the bar high because it sets the stage for how you deserve to be treated,” she says of her pieces. Here, here! We caught up with her to learn her backstory and to hear the bright, sparkling things the future holds. 

What kind of kid were you? Did you always want to pursue something creative?
I was always told I had an old soul. My mom said I was very intuitive, wasn’t easily influenced by others, and always knew what I wanted. I was never into Barbies—I used to play with gemstones and crystals! I was always creative and into art projects and writing and I was obsessed with jewelry and wearing my moms clothes. I knew for sure I wanted to do something creative and inspiring with my life.

You grew up in North Carolina. Tell us about your upbringing!
I was raised on the Outer Banks and grew up around the water, constantly by the shore or in and out of boats. I lived in a small town and was outside playing most of the time. We weren’t allowed to watch much TV ever, so we did a lot of swimming and water sports, creating, and exploring.

(Courtesy of Logan Hollowell)

What prompted the move to LA at such a young age? Tell us about this time.
I came to Southern California with my mom on a mother-daughter trip when I was 14. I told her I was going to live here as soon as I possibly could, so when the opportunity presented itself, I took the leap of faith and moved across the country to a place that felt so right. I was immediately attracted to the weather, the healthy lifestyle, the progressiveness, and the feeling that I could make my dreams a reality fast.

Affirmations and a positive outlook have always been part of your story. Can you share some things that helped you get on your feet and find your path?
Seeking knowledge and understanding of life and the way energy works. Reading incessantly, and observing and studying the behavior of others who had made it happen for themselves [have all helped.]

So when did jewelry enter the picture? 
I have always been obsessed with jewelry and gemstones, as well as storytelling, so I knew from a young age I wanted to combine the two. I wanted to empower people and make them feel like royal, magical versions of themselves. When I was 18, I used to go to the flea markets and buy vintage pieces and take them apart and add chains and braided leather. People started asking to purchase my personal pieces and I couldn’t wait to start my business when the time was right, so I prayed for it to align so I could start right away.

(Courtesy of Logan Hollowell)

Have there been certain mentors who have been instrumental?
I have had spiritual guides present themselves in the most magical and synchronistic ways during certain points during my path, which have given me wisdom, understanding, and guidance. I feel so grateful for these angels along my path.

Tell us about where the company is now. How does that feel to you looking back at where you started?
Considering we have still not taken on any funding, we are in an incredible place. I am so grateful for our progression, and so proud of my amazing team for making this growth happen.

What have been some particular highlights since launching the brand?
Designing and opening my flagship showroom which we also refer to as “The Goddess Den,” as well as expanding the team, and traveling all over the world for pop ups and inspirational trips.


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Is there a Logan Hollowell piece that means the most to you?
The bigger dipper diamond earring is extremely sentimental because it was my first piece and it was like the Big Dipper itself, it pointed me in the direction of my North Star, my truth. It set me free like the stars, to do what I always dreamed of doing.

What keeps you motivated?
Being able to share my love for jewelry and storytelling with the world, the happiness and excitement of our clients, the ability to inspire someone and help them see their value, the idea of a finished piece after I’ve designed it in my mind, the idea that I could impact our world for the better with my craft. Plus, my family and my team.


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What’s coming up for the brand this year and beyond?
Some exciting collections and stories that are straight from my heart, tied to philanthropic causes. Expansion into clothing and other key aspects of the LH Goddess lifestyle!

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