Liya Kebede And David Yurman Celebrate Mother’s Day

by Paige Reddinger

Model Liya Kebede is partnering with David Yurman again this year to support her charity, the Liya Kebede Foundation. Swing by David Yurman boutiques or shop online at now through Mother’s Day to pick up some pieces and the brand will give five percent of all sales to Kebede’s foundation, which helps expand training for healthcare workers providing life-saving care for mothers and babies in Ethiopia. We caught up with Kebede to find out what motherhood means to her.

How has LKF grown since you first started?
I just marked my tenth year as a maternal health advocate. I began with the idea that I could use my platforms to raise awareness of the millions of preventable deaths during pregnancy and childbirth; that idea grew into LKF. In addition to raising awareness, we’ve been working on extending maternity care in Ethiopia for the past three years with terrific local partners. We’re seeing a turnaround, with more safe and healthy births recorded at the health clinics we work with each year.

Why was safe motherhood an issue that was dear to you?
When I was born in Ethiopia, the risk of a mother and child dying in childbirth were dreadfully high–a 1 in 14 chance. Growing up, we knew many families that weren’t as lucky as ours. I don’t think safe motherhood should depend on luck for half the world’s women–the half that live and work in developing countries. I’m committed to help closing the gap in maternity care these women are facing.

What do you cherish most about your mother?
It’s not one thing–it’s her whole character. She is the inspiration behind my commitment to this cause, and so many other things in my life.

What’s the most important thing she taught you?
Persistence. My mother believes anything is possible, and I do, too.

How will you celebrate Mother’s Day?
My children usually have something up their sleeves for me. Let’s see!

David Yurman has been a supporter of your cause in the past. Why has it been such a great partnership?
David Yurman brings such a strong and authentic commitment. They stand by causes they care about. They understand the importance of our commitment to mothers.

What’s your favorite piece of Yurman jewelry?
I’ve been wearing a wonderful set of earrings from their Starburst Collection during my recent travels. They’re the perfect way to dress up an outfit when I’m on the go.


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