Lions, Tigers, and Gucci Take to the Streets of Rome for Spring/Summer Campaign

by Kristen Heinzinger

Lions, tigers, and Gucci, oh my! For its Spring/Summer 2017 campaign, the Italian house recruited a cast of wild animals in addition to 12 models (full cast below) for a series of images shot on the streets of Rome by photog Glen Luchford. It was an apropos set for the brand, which calls the city home. Creative director Alessandro Michele, who styled the shoot himself, drew inspiration from the intellectuals and artists that also have called Rome home, like Cy Twombly, Mario Schifano, and Laura Betti. In the campaign, wildcats roam the city, a giraffe is fed grapes, and lions and tigers transform into tame house pets, while models (donning a variety of tattoos with phrases like “Lilly,” “Iris,” and “Garden of Love”) casually live among them in their Gucci attire. Highlights from the video include a model dipping her golden Gucci-gloved finger into sauce and licking it off while dining over burgers and fries, or when all 12 of the campaign models splash around in their Gucci clothing in the Trevi Fountain pools…indulgence to the hilt! That must have been some dry cleaning bill, darlings.

Needless to say, the mood was a celebration of the “the eccentric, the surreal, and the bizarre,” according to the release, which essentially is Michele’s mantra for the brand.

Gucci Model Casting:
Daisy Cvitkovic
Dwight Hoogendijk
Unia Pakhomova
Douglas Payne
Elibeidy Danis Martinez
Lina Horst
Tessa Bruinsma
Ellen De Weer
Lorens Miklasevics
Olof Källström
Nick Fortna
Nicole Atieno

Hair by Paul Hanlon

Makeup by Yadim

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