Lexington Clothing Co. Invites Shoppers and Pooches to Its Hamptons Store

by Kristen Heinzinger

Though she calls Sweden home, Kristina Lindhe is an East Coaster at heart—which is why she founded Lexington Clothing Co., an apparel and home goods brand that embraces the region’s lifestyle and has some serious Hamptons vibes. We caught up with Lindhe about her new book Living with Lexington and what she’s been up to this summer, including a special event she’s hosting this weekend for East End dog owners and their pups!

Why did you choose to create a book?
I receive so many questions about how it all started for me and my story, but also about the thoughts behind the interior style, like how to create the perfect bedroom. So I decided to create a book of all my answers.

What attracted you to the Northeast, initially?
Definitely the houses! I love the architecture, cedar trees, and all the possibilities to let the light in. I’m from Sweden, and to let the light in, even in the Hamptons, is so important for me.

Why did you get involved in last week’s Authors Night in the Hamptons?
Originally because of Alec Baldwin. I worked on a project with Hilaria [Baldwin] for Guild Hall two years ago, and during that process Alec and Hilaria told me about Authors Night. It was a dream come true to participate…so much fun for such a good thing!

What makes Lexington Clothing Co. unique?
All our products are high quality, and we use only the best fabrics and yarns—we call it casual luxury! That goes for our interior line and our fashion line.

Tell us about the doggie event this weekend!
Who doesn’t love dogs? We needed to do something fun for them as well during the summer. Pet chef Bonni Emmrich will create muttinis, organic handmade dog treats, and a light breakfast for the dog owners.

What’s next for the brand?
At the end of August the fair and fashion shows season starts. The next step is the big interior decorations fair in Paris followed up by several fashion shows with our clothing line.


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