Larsen Thompson Is on the Way to Become America’s Sweetheart

by Eddie Roche
Larsen Thompson

West Coast cutie Larsen Thompson is on the verge of breaking through big time. She has two upcoming films on the slate, a busy calendar shooting major beauty and fashion campaigns, and dreams of eventually launching her own fashion line. Somehow the Next model and recent high school graduate found some time to pop by The Daily offices in New York for a catch up! 

First of all, congratulations on your high school graduation! What was your actual graduation like?
I had been in Copenhagen shooting a campaign and the day after I finished shooting, I woke up at 5am for my car pickup, went to the airport, got on a 12-hour flight, landed in LA, got in the car with the driver and drove straight to my graduation ceremony.

If my flight had been delayed I wouldn’t have made it at all, and that would have been an awful and traumatic experience. But I made it just in time! I showed up and my dad  had my cap and gown. I put it on and felt crazy. I’m like, “I can’t believe this is happening.” It hit me. But also I didn’t do the full four years of the normal high school routine where I went to school every day at 8 a.m. and did the whole day with different teachers. I did an independent study program and went to a teacher once a week. So to see everyone at graduation was like a big high school reunion. It was nuts.

Very different experience than most!
For some reason I was so nervous to walk up and get my diploma, which is funny because I go to events and work on sets. But granted I wasn’t there for any of the rehearsals. The girl next to me had to tell me the cues of when to stand up, sit down, walk up, shake hands with my right hand, take the diploma with the left, go take my photo. I had to watch everyone to catch myself up. Thank God I’m a dancer! And then I made a huge deal of throwing my cap into the air and screaming. So, that was my high school graduation!


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What will you miss about high school?
Staying young. I mean, I’m 18 and just graduating high school, but I feel so much older. I remember going into freshman year being like, “I can’t wait to be a senior!” I’m definitely gonna miss being social with all my friends and hanging out and sitting at the lunch tables — just talking and stressing about homework. As much as I hated it I know when I’m 50 I’m going to be like, “I wish I was back in school.”  But we’ll see where college takes me. Then I’m going to be like, “I can’t wait to be out of college.” Once I’m out of there, I’m going to be like, “All right, now I’m really old.”

What’s your plan now?
I definitely don’t want to settle down and go into a university right now. With where I’m going, and with my career I would just want to continue doing that. But you never know. I may do a two-year online [program] and then transfer to Pepperdine University. That’s been a school I’ve always wanted to go to. My brother goes to Chapman University and it’s a beautiful campus. I’m definitely going to go to college. My grandpa was always like, “Larsen, you better go to college.” I was always like, “Okay grandpa, you got it. Just for you.” I’m definitely going to get a business degree.  If I were to want to start my own fashion line one day, I’ll have the business degree to do it and to manage my money correctly.

Is a fashion line something you want to do eventually?
I think so! Fashion is so special to me. Everyone has always said, “You should start your own line!” And I always think about it as something in the future. I’m so into creating and designing. I love doing things like that. I want to make sure it’s amazing. I also don’t know what I’d want to do yet. Swimwear? Shoes? I think it would be good to start by collaborating with another brand to get the experience of designing.

Do you think you’ll move to New York City eventually?
Everyone keeps asking! Maybe when I turned 19 or 20. I want to spend a year out here and see what happens because I feel like I work so much out here that I might as well just stay and be like, “All right, I’m a local. I’m here now.” But my family’s back home in California. That’s the only reason I wouldn’t fully move here. LA will always be my home-home.

Maybelline New York

You’re in the current Maybelline New York campaign. What’s it like when you see yourself in drugstores everywhere?
It’s so weird. I go to CVS all the time, now I don’t even walk into the beauty department. That used to be my space! I used to love to go into beauty, but now I feel weird because if people are walking by and I’m staring at myself, they’re going to be like, “Is that you?” And then I’m like, “Oh no, no, no. All right, bye.”  It’s really cool and I’m honestly so proud of that [campaign]. It’s been an absolute honor. I’m so grateful and to work with Adriana [Lima] was a dream. I’ve never met anybody so down to earth. She’s beautiful inside and out.

Alexi Lubomirski shot the campaign. What was it like working with him?
He was the sweetest person to work with. He really left it up to us and was like, “You guys do what you want. Whatever you feel.” Sometimes he’d be like, “All right guys, you’re being too serious. Let’s throw some smiles in there,” while we have fans blowing our hair out to make it look dramatic. He was awesome.

What else do you have lined up?
I shot a movie, Bloodline, about a year and a half ago. It comes out in September. It was my first film ever. It was with Blumhouse Productions, who produced Get Out and a lot of horror films. I worked with Sean William Scott who was in American Pie. Now I have the acting bug. I have another film with Anthony LaPaglia, which I believe will be going to Sundance in 2020. It’s amazing to take on another character and really be embedded in it. This last movie I did, I never realized how hard acting was until I was on the 60th take of me sobbing and you’re just drained. Also, the more you do it the better it gets, which I hate because I want to nail it the first few times and get it over with.

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